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  1. s13 for sale

    Got any pictures? I cant open that file you on there and got more information about the car and price please
  2. I wouldn't say only Commodore/Calais/Statesman.... i seen few japan's imports car doing skits and drifting out on the street....
  3. 'Hoons to heel'

    i could see that happening soon aswell... its not just the young drivers with imported cars... also the older people aswell..... i seen heaps of older people speeding in sedans, imports and 4x4 all the time....
  4. Poll Results Thanks for voting, here are the results so far: Should SA crush hoons' cars? Yes 66% (1220 votes) No 29% (544 votes) Undecided 3% (59 votes) Total of 1823 votes
  5. R.I.P mate condolences to family. friends and all who knew Jarrod. cheers matt
  6. The Dark Knight

    haha joker was only good bit in the movie
  7. THE NEW HULK!eleventy11!1

    Yeah he is
  8. THE NEW HULK!eleventy11!1

    Captain americas sheild appears where in iron man movie????? i didnt it it when i was watching it though
  9. RIP Lyle Lemon

    R.I.P mate
  10. White SII Stagea Stolen Good Friday

    that sucks man.... hope u get it back soon seriously people gotta stop stealing cars
  11. Costume hire and Ideas

    go Borat, get alot of attention from da chicks p.s i done it before hehehe
  12. RIP Logan

  13. Bus Drivers!

    fukin buses n taxi...... in the city they are sooo much worse at driving, they just pull out of no where
  14. RB26 RX7!

    Not too bad, i like it but i rather have 20BTT in it,
  15. defect station in pt adelaide

    geez sooo many cops out lately........ did any1 get defect ???