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  1. woke up one day only a couple days after my 27th bday and had it in my bed that it was time to sell up and buy a place. had secured my first place after 6 months and havent really looked back. Yet its been a tad over 12 months since i sold my rig, and I'm getting the itch again. I bought a newish hot hatch real cheap so I'd have something to thrash and get me from A-B, but I've only had it a couple months and now I'm ready to swap it with my brother for an s14, and im gearing up to start throwing money at it too. I guess its a case of the grass always being greener, and not appreciating what you have til its gone. If you're into cars, you're into cars. I dont think its something you ever real grow out of. and thats what brings be back to NS.com after a couple years away. The classifieds are so much more interesting when you actually have some funds and looking to tyre kick
  2. Wanted to borrow: stock wheels

    Thnx for the help bud, I've since got it all sorted though :-)
  3. Hey guys, so I'm new to WA and have just copped a yellow sticker. I drive a jzx100 and was wondering if anyone had a set of stock 5*114.3 wheels (supra, r33, s14, whatever) with decent tread I could borrow for the pit visit. These would only be used to drive directly to the inspection n back. If not, can anyone recommend a place that lends/rents parts out for Inspections (there were a couple places in adl that did this, not sure if Perth would be the same).
  4. Spotted at Clipsal 500 recently

    yeah i met the clown as well, was seeing a friend of my missus at the time. probably the same bird
  5. New guy saying hello.

    well i was gonna start a similar thread to this one, but seems theres plenty of blokes in the same boat as me. im from adelaide heading over the wa to work FIFO in the pilbara for BHP starting 17/01. just sussin the WA threads to see what the place is like. from what ive read, looks like im bringing my 180 with me and from what ive heard, perths rad. looking forward to it.
  6. Nissan 180SX Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    On stock guards??? how'd you go shoe horning those bastards under there?? im thinkin bout gettin cst's in 9.5+15 but figgured thered be no way under stock guards, at least not without a big guard pull.
  7. strange sound when turning

    could be your tie rod ends... is it like a kinda of groaning sound?? check the boots on your tie-rod ends. if theyre split, chances are grits gotten in
  8. car sits on 2000rpm until stopped

    im pretty certain mine was never converted (if it is they did a good job) and it has the same problem. it went away for a while after changing vac lines, but didnt seem like it wouldve been vacuum related
  9. sr20det 180sx bog down low

    any luck?? im also chasing similar problems, yet mine does not sound as severe in the sense that even when its bad, its not THAT bad, but when its good the difference is like day and night. the only time ive ever noticed a defintive, consistent change was when i changed clutches. lasted about three 3 weeks before it went back to its old ways?? posible that the KS picks up the thrust bearing on clutches?? no clue what else i wouldve touched that i havnt dicked around with 100 times trying to sort the problem.

    spotted probably the best s13 ive seen in a while at about 9:30 on bridge road, friday morning. two tone with mad fitment

    spotted a rad looking navy blue 32 4door with meshies on magill road. fitment was peeeeerfect. also seen it parked next door to a mates house before. anyone on here??
  12. What is this plug?

    theres a light in the ashtray??
  13. Poor Man’s Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    awesome, had seen pics, and vids of this thing before, not hadnt seen the build pics
  14. What is this plug?

    taking a stab here but possibly related to the hand brake warning light???
  15. I've been having power/drivability issues with my s13 for a while, and in the process of trying to track it down ive noticed that when cold, sometimes a weird noise can be clearly heard from the engine bay when the pump is priming. Its a kind of weird groaning/squeeking noise, hard to describe any better than that. Its coming from the engine bay so i know its not the pump, the pump sounds fine. Its hard to pick exactly where its coming from, but it sounds like it could be coming from somewhere round the fuel rail. Fuel system is stock apart from walbro. Any ideas??