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  1. 1994 Black 180sx | 240-250kw's

    Hi Guys, Old school Melbourne member here who's been rather quiet over the last 5-6 years. I've begrudgingly decided to sell my 1994 180sx. It was defected back in 2011 (too low and wide, can you believe it!) so took the car off the road to sort it all out and then somehow, 6 years flew by! Now I have a wedding to pay for so am forced to sell the old girl. Motor was rebuilt back in 2009 and around 15 - 20k kilometers were put on the motor before being taken off the road and stored undercover. I have the receipt of the build. Since then, it's been regularly started and maybe driven up and down the driveway once or twice.... It was tuned by Dr Drift and we kept it to a safe tune at around 240 - 250 rear wheel KW's. Perfect car to get back on the road or take to the track. I'll try to remember everything done to it. The list may grow as I remember more. It's hared to keep track! Block: CP Forged Pistons 9:1 86.5mm BC Billet Rods with ARP Bolts ARP Main Stud Kit ARP Head Stud Kit Cometic Head Gasket .40” BC Valve Springs BC Titanium Retainers Nissan s15 Timing Kit Nissan Full Gasket Kit Tomei Procams Tomei Cam Gears King Bearing Kit Nissan Oil Pump Nissan Water Pump Hydraulic lifters Large Sump Dr Drift Tuned ECU Bolt-Ons Z32 AFM Nismo 770cc Injectors Performance Air filter in Standard Air box Steampipe Exhaust Manifold Garrett GT2871r with larger compressor housing (.86 A/R) Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Custom Intake and Intercooler Cooler Piping Hybrid Intercooler GK Tech Dump Pipe GK Tech 3" Front Pipe Magic Hi Flow Catalytic Converter Kakimoto 3.5" Cat Back Greddy Type S Adjustable Coilovers (with tools to adjust them) Adjustable Rear Camber and Toe Arms Front NISMO Toe Arms NISMO Radiator Cap Block/Head Work: Block decking Bore and hone Balance rotating balance and blueprint Clean block Line hone Head resurface 3 angle valve grind K line valve guides Port and polish exhaust ports Interior / Exterior Genuine Type X Taillights Genuine Type X Front Bar Genuine Type X Front Bar Indicators Genuine Type X front Bar Lip (Rare as hell) Genuine Type X Side Skirts Genuine Type X Floor Mats Sunroof Front and Rear Guards Rolled and Pulled Approx 10mm Vertex Style Aftermarket Fiberglass Rear Bar Pivot Sleepy Eye Controller (not wired in) HKS Turbo Timer S14a Series 2 Front Seats Old School NISMO Oil Pressure and Boost Gauges (Rare as hell) Aftermarket Headunit Pioneer 6" Split Speakers Up Front Pioneer 3.5" rear speakers MOMO Steering Wheel Stock Wheels Things I planned to work on: Dent to bonnet and headlight on passenger side from being reversed into in a car park *anger*. Front bar has some slight paint stress (white lines running through it) but not structural damage. Pivot Sleepy Eye controller needs to be wired in properly. Currently, headlights stay up. I suspect brake sensor playing up as brake lights stay on. 5-6 'trolley' dings around the car. Front drivers side coil over weeping oil from the top. She's a bit dusty! I've attached a few photo's of it which are a bit old now but show what it looks like when the dust is hosed off her (damage not in in those photo's though). And excuse the quality of the engine bay shot. That was when we first lowered it in, I don't have any recent ones on hand at the moment. As previously advised, although the car has been maintained over the last 6 years, it hasn't been properly driven over that time. I'm asking 15k ono for it unregistered as is. A lot of work has gone into this car over the years and I'm not in a rush to sell to please no low ball offers. I can be contacted on 0431 466 113 if you are interested. My work makes it difficult for me to answer the phone so text is probably best. I'm located around Mill Park. Cheers, Brendan
  2. 18" SSR SP1's *4 Stud!*

    Hi Guys, It is with much regret that I am selling my 18" Grey SSR Professors SP1's. I had these made to my specifications and sent over from Japan some years back. Additionally I haven't had them on the car some some years now so they are in excellent condition. Best of all, they are 4 stud (114.3) to fit my 180sx - so quite rare! These will transform the look of your ride. Front - 18 x 9 + 10 (Plenty of rubber) Rear - 18 x 10 +18 (Tires need replacing) Looking for $3,500 or nearest offer. These don't come up often so if you're keen don't wait. It's best to message me on 0431 466 113. I"m in the SE area of Melbourne. Cheers, Brendan
  3. Make : SUBARU LIBERTY Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 149000 Price : $22,750 Condition : Used Looking to sell my stock MY07 GT Spec-B. Kept in great condition and never modified. K's are form previous owner driving from Geelong to the City for work.
  4. Failed goals...

    Im the same in that my arms and shoulders grow with ease yet my chest lacks. I found that my shoulders were taking over in the bench. Im 90kg's and when i hit the 100 kg mark my shoulders cain. Now, the fronts of my shoulders are out of perportion to the rears. Everyone is differant so the key is to work out what works for you. I dropped the weight significantly and used dumbells for a few months to make sure my form was perfect and I could feel it all im my chest. Squeeze through the whole movement as previously mentioned. Once i could go 3 x 10 without my shoulders taking over, i'd increase the weight slightly. If the shoulders took over i would back off the weight. I woudl suggest this or maybe barbell works better for you? The only way to find out is to get in there and play around with all the movements. It was a slow a tedious process benching 40kg's when you know you can do heaps more but its critical to get the technique right. Im still slowly building up but i have already noticed the differnace in my chest. Its taking ages cause im retraining after 4 years of bad technique. Hope that helps.
  5. Phuket/Thailand

    1. Bartering; do you do this only in Markets and on the street or do you do it in stores as well? 7/11, chemist's etc? Generally only to the street merchants. I wouldn't try it in Restaurants and proper stores. 2. Best way to get from Phuket airport to Patong? THere are buses that leave from the airport and go into the heart of patong. If your hotel is near Banglor road, the bus will be the cheapest option by a mile. 3. Exchanging money; where do you do this in Patong? There are ATM's everywhere. They convert the money for you. Careful though cause there are massive fee's for doing this. You are best off making a large withdrawal in AUS, getting it converted at the airport and taking that. Just be hell careful and dont carry it all around with you. If you are staying in a respectable hotel, just leave it in the room. THe cleaners can be trusted. I stayed in the Millenium in Phuket right on Banglor road and had $$ laying everywhere. It was never touched. Im heading back on 11/01/2011. Cant wait. Full moon party is outta control. Last time i went, I have 6 thai women/passable woman arround me within 20mons of being on the beach. Oh boy, im getting excited just thinking about it...
  6. can't open bonnet 180sx

    Apply pressure to the bonnet by pushing down on it while someone pulls the cabin lever. Sounds like the cable has stretched.
  7. Turbo seals

    Hey Guys, The turbo seals on my 2871r are gone. The turbo is a bit smokey. I have been getting quotes that range from $300.00 to $900.00?? What is the average price to pull it apart and replace the seals? cheers, -Brendan
  8. Had a blow out the other night. Im running the same sizes as you. Im running greddy coilvers though that are super stiff. THe tire was spinning on the rim. DIdnt get any damage at all. Yeah yeah
  9. Smoke at idle and when taking off

    I think i also have busted turbo seals in a gt2871r. How much did you guys pay to get them replaced?
  10. Front end knock?

    Have no idea what the knock could be. THe exhaust could be twisting under load if its not secured properly... Is it conected to the hanger properly? Those wheels will fit fine with standard suspension.
  11. Hi Guys, I have been lifting for about three years now. I have learnt alot from this forum and Markus himself. My diet is good so dont ask about my rutines or diets. Thankyou lol. Anyway, I have alot of trouble isolating my right pec in lifting movements. My left pec is fine and does the majority of the lifting in bench movement but my right shoulder always takes over. This has meant that my chest is now slightly out of whack. My shoulder has started hurting as well so i really need to get it out o the movement as much as i can. Any tips on how to isolate it. thanks again.
  12. Standard 180sx Air Box

    It wont fit with a hybrid kit
  13. I also have hearing issues. I have nasty tinitis in my left ear from years of sound damage. A loud car driving past cannot cause rining for 2 days nor can it cause serious long term damage. THe human ear is damaged by how long the ineer ear is exposed to loud sounds. I can listen to music at 120db for 8 mins before any further damage will be done. I car driving past won't do sh1t. THis is all just blatant revenue raising and it has no stats to back it up. How many ppl living around loud clubs are complaining about loud cars?? i can tell you.... 0
  14. Defected - height

    I have stock wheels but the tread is questionable. I will have to put new tyres on. Wasn't too keen in forking out more cash on this stupid defect. Does anyone have a set that I could borrow for one day? It would be greatly appreciated. thanks, -Brendan
  15. Defected - height

    Hey guys, I got done for ground clearance the other night. The defect notice only mentions ride height and I don't have to get a roady. I've raises the car up but now my wheels are hanging 2-3cms out of the guards. Can Vic roads pull me up on that or will they only check the ride height and ignore everything else? Cheers