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  1. Thanks Guys for all your help... i put the car back together will the old gear but im still planning to do the job really soon.. NRG180 - you mentioned you changed the p/s pump to a single port unit, did the pump used with the hicas setup cause u any problems after u looped the lines? i wont need to buy that $40 buk copper fitting if i do it the way described yea?
  2. Yes it did came with: 2 x nuts 4 x washers 2 x plugs which are all good... if only i knew wat do with them.. no instructions, and no mention of where the nuts, washers, plugs etc belong when installing. any ideas people?
  3. Does anyone know where the bypass hose kit would fit.. does it go onto the p.s pump or the first solenoid under the car... fk i need help!! people that sell this dont even know where to put it!!
  4. Hi Everyone, Im currently in the process of replacing my hicas with a lock bar, I would like to know if anyone else has done it & if they could possibly help me get the job compleated....IM STUCK!!! (with no instructions provided because apparently its "easy to install") So far ive taken off the HICAS steering rack thats located behind the diff and put on the lock bar and have it all bolted up. The problem im faced with is that i dont know exactly what to do with the hydaulic power steering lines that used to service the HICAS (looping & removing) and what ever else has to be done on the electrical side. I am aware of technical artical on ns.com but unfortunatly im still having trouble, so if anyones done this or can help me get the job done with a few pointers or some s13 specific instructions id really appreciate it. Thanks ASTHAR.

    Hi John, I have a SR20 180sx What is the clamp load of a HDCB & a HHD? Thanks
  6. need stock exhaust

    I NEED A STOCK s13 Exhuast if you have one please let me know via PM. Thanks
  7. My old car i sold it earlier this year.. i miss it bad =(
  8. it goes to the first person that puts a deposit on it and should the deal fail. the person who missed out would have first right to offer.
  9. DT PANELS oR A-Z Accident Repairs 9793 2566 Dandenong VIC they did a good job on my mrs car =)
  10. insurance on s13

    i paid just under $400 for full comp i think working for the same company that issues the insurance makes all the difference tho =)
  11. Intercooler install

    used a hole saw, find out if cutting a hole in your body is going to require a engineers certificate and what you can do to legally complete the installation before you make any changes to the vehicle. GL
  12. legal height for s13

    when do u lower it allow for the springs to sag and settle (dont start out at 100mm cos it will only go down from there) and your car will end up lower =) GL
  13. need to clear defect asap

    can u have an aftermarket steering wheel if your car was produced with an airbag?
  14. After Mining Position in WA

    Hogan mining charges people 200 bux for an info pack that doesnt really help u get a job.. just stuff u can get over the net
  15. -= Songs for Wedding =-