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  1. Got for Sale - Standard s13 Front Springs - $20 0401 212 839 Rory
  2. hey i need a tyre s13 placard Ive been to a couple workshops/wreckers and no one seems to now how to get them. ive been told i can make my own, im not real sure where to start? Can anyone help me out? cheers
  3. Need stock s13 wheels with legal tread, also after a tyre placard for s13 if anyone can help me out? 0401 212 839
  4. WTB black s13 drivers side door, with window and working electrics Need ASAP Rory
  5. **SIL80** updated 04/08/2008

    so you've painted it now ey? wat color you decide on? didnt even tell a bloke!
  6. who here listen's to real metal

    any of you metal blokes into hardcore?
  7. Who would be at fault?

    well if its dark/street lights are on, if they have there lights off, watever you do, they're at fault.
  8. Adelaide SoundWave

    yeah the organisation was f**king shit, i was just pissed off about the lack of shade around!! could of atleast had a made sized tent in the centre or something
  9. Adelaide SoundWave

    carpathian didnt play, that was shit. from autumn to ashes were shit, compared to last time i saw them, since they basically only played new shit. but bleeding through made it worth while
  10. i will be putttig in steering arm spacers next week. need wheel alignment after, i have coilovers with camber tops, just wondering what to tell them to set the front camber at? cheers
  11. best off asking in the tech section mate!
  12. i was thinking that but i wanted to be sure before i ordered them in
  13. as above. just need to know if skyline and silivia wheel studs are the same pretty sure they would be. can anybody correct me? im getting new wheel studs, the supplier only has skyline on the listing. cheers
  14. no battery clamp & oil on the block. well the battery clamp was there just wasnt on the battery that was in my parents once wen i borrowed it

    yeah i thought 'the poison' sucked sounds like theyve gotten worse. like trivium did