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  1. Question is I have a series 1 S14 need to replace the engine loom and ecu. Will a series 2 ecu run my car fine or only a series 1 ecu? Trying to source parts and can find series 2. not so much series 1.
  2. Today Tonight... TV at it's best

    imagine if everyone quoted everyone else just to say they thought they recalled this from somewhere else... Great to see some intelligent input on these forums (aside from my sentence above and the guy who posted above me of course) only wish the guy in the VP commodore who blinded me the other night had had a read of this.
  3. he he he shouldn't that be Viterra....
  4. s13 got trashed last night! :)

    that wouldn't have helped much at most places as you receive the invoice once the works complete and your picking up your car. So you'd be notifying customers of the terms after any damage would be done... take it you were invoicing customers before you completed your work?
  5. Redline Oil // Smurf Blood

    Thanks guys I'll check them out
  6. Just chasing some Redline Lightweight shockproof oil and didn't have any luck at Autobarn which is where i got it last time. Looks like Sprints stock it but they want $193 for 3.8lts.... has it gone up that much? Last time i bought it it was around $120-$140. Anyone know who else stocks it? Anyone get theirs online?
  7. simple rego/interstate Q

    If you are buying something like a JZX100 Chaser they are not going to believe it was $2000, and then you can be charged up to 200% of the original stamp duty cost as a fine. Much easier to say you bought and owned it interstate. Also you get the plates straight away but have 24 hours to apply them Thanks for the useless info dude anytime... when i needed new plates for my car when i bought it coz the others wer faded i got em doen they took 2 weeks,,, this was about 6mnths ago... I would assume thats because they had to make the plates for you as you were replacing old ones. Were as if your car is being registered in the state for the first time. They just grab the next set of plates they have in stock. While we're on the topic, whats the address for the Lonsdale inspection site?
  8. camping, riding my trail bike and skiing for 2 days. Then parties Saturday and Sunday nights, I'm going to be nackered just in time for work
  9. who is the best fo exhausts in adelaide

    I didn't have a a very good experience at ET, I think the service all depends on who you are there.
  10. $1000 Reward for Information

    Do you see the irony in your post... Know a few guys in a celica club in Melbourne they're now looking out for parts that might be heading that way. Any really unique parts / custom fabricated stuff we should be looking out for?
  11. Christian Bale is a tosser

    i aint a homo but i have 'its brittney bitch' as my message tone hahahhaa You just managed to contradict yourself in one sentence, good job c...c..clown
  12. stimulus package?

    $42 billion we're not America we don't just print money by the trillion. Thats going to be a big debt and don't think that its going solve all our problems. All the opposition was asking for was time to consider the proposal not 48hrs to spend $42 billion. $10 billion was handed out in December and only $1 billion was reported in increased spending. If this report was correct maybe there is a better way of injecting this money into the economy than through Joe Blow. Its at least worth consideration.
  13. Random Japan

    our bastard mate about to get the thrash of his life!
  14. Random Japan

    Spectators car at the D1 Ok this is the D1 driver that drives the yellow sprinter from earlier who was handed the keys to the president of UP Garages R35 and told to see what he cold do.... I felt in two minds watching a guy trying to slide it and absolutely abusing it!