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  1. Not sure if uve sourced these parts yet but I know jake jones has a brand new ati balancer for sale. I purchased a n1 waterpump from the States was fairly cheap! West covina nissan rings a bell
  2. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Hey, I don't know anyone else using a gt3076r on an rb26 either. the lowest boost pressure I can run is 18psi. I've got high boost set to 22psi. like u said it seems to jump straight to full boost. Maybe it's something to do with the type of boost controller, wastegate size or something? I was told by 6boost that it wouldn't run any less than 20psi with this manifold/turbo/gate combo. How much boost are u trying to run?
  3. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    been a few months since I updated this.. a fair bit has been happening. painted my own panels finally, my koguchi power wing arrived, ive put my new ORC twin plate in. been out thrashing. now due for another set of project mu brake pads and rotors all round.. cant believe how quickly they wear out!! and my semi slicks are on their last legs also so theres another big cost. going to change from 225/45/17 and 265/35/18 to 255/40/17 and 265/35/18. should turn in much better! see if I can get down into the 1:13's which should be achievable. planning on going with hankook z221 semi's again if I can get them for a decent price did grip practice and then drift prac the same night, then the week after was G1 round 3 and then drift prac the weekend after again! went to G1 round 3, dropped a wheel over the white line into turn 2 and qualified 19th. battled my way thru the second 16 and made it to the final (on one pair of 235 kendas!!) but was having fuel pump issues which was probably due to the 38 degree heat and I ended up losing the battle. (lift pump died.. again. another 040) bought a new walbro e85 lift pump and its been good so far. been updating my build page on facebook a lot more than on here make sure u check it out below: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Benos-RB26-SIL80-build/1379252888984770 keen for drifting in 2015, although will be purchasing my first house so times will be tough lol at least ill have room to build another car, this time on a budget. not sure what yet. planned to head over to winton again in June for matsuri. will prob do most local comps at Mallala and as many practice nights as possible. also planning on entering some more grip events and the hankook SA time attack next year also. lets hope it all holds together! one other thing ive done recently is put a nitrous kit on my 2007 v6 hilux lol goes pretty good now, around 200rwkw with an 85hp wet shot.. should tow like a dream haha heres some vids and pics!
  4. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    good news, ordered my new clutch today thru streeter.. another ORC 559D-01N twin plate. will b here in 2 weeks also got a new front bar and lh guard last week from savannah which I might paint up this weekend need to make up a new nudge bar up front in the next couple of weeks.. not sure when ill be heading out next, im aiming to be at the hankook sa time attack event at Mallala which is early October. just hoping the new wing gets here by then, if not ill have to see if I can borrow one for the day. looking forward to getting back out there again
  5. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    yea man pretty easy to do just hard to find lights the same style as this!
  6. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    bought some 235/40/17 federal RSR steer tyres, these things r bloody awesome 2 weeks ago I entered G1 round 2, first comp for me in 2014. a few days beforehand, I was tinkering with the car and found the turbo was noisy. so I got a new gt3076r core from MTQ, found a tiny shaving or metal stuck in the oil feed hole which is probably no bigger than 1mm in diameter as it is.. so as they stripped down the old turbo they found one of the bearing races had shattered into lots of small pieces and gone down the oil return and into the sump! so I pulled the sump off in car which wasn't very nice lol half way through, my front right coilover decided to dump all its oil.. then roughly an hour later whilst I was still under the car.. the shocker shaft snaps!! couldn't believe it.. as they say, bad things come in 3's! cutting it fine I was busy every night all week and took Friday off to bolt the new turbo back on, with a new inline oil feed filter now fitted. also had to change oil and filter etc, mount up my new quarter panel and side skirt. quick wheel align by eye and it was good to go! headed out to G1, car was really good! qualified 11th and finished up in the top 8 and battling Anthony Cece. his entry caught me a bit off guard coming in a fair bit slower than I'd anticipated and as I went to drop 3rd at the start of the esses, the clutch slipped and pretty much hasn't been the same since lol its pretty good until u abuse it in 3rd constantly and even just rolling into 4th it slips now. anyway, DCA round 2 is at tailem bend this weekend. ive entered and im hoping the clutch will hold up.. considering the tyre restrictions only allowing a cheaper and far less grippy 235 over the 265 goodride semis, should be ok, as for holding up 3 days of abuse.. not so sure haha so keen to drive up there. will be my first time! heres some pics from G1 round 2 trying out some new lights I made up this weekend at DCA, pretty much the same as spirit rei 180sx lights!
  7. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Thanks man, looks good! First session it was hard to get back into the swing of things but after that it was all good. Now just really anxious to drive it again haha
  8. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    finally got back out on the track last weekend, did a grip day all day Saturday and then drift prac from 5-9pm. car was pretty much faultless all day, went thru a full tank and 6 jerrys of e85 lol shredded a few tyres too, was good fun! tried some falken rt615k up front which worked really well, much better turn in can actually flick the thing now! heres a vid from the night its a bit shit but u get the idea. got a bit carried away and last lap of the last session I popped a tyre and ended up destroying the rear overfender, side skirt and mashed the rear bar a bit too lol will fix it up ready for G1 round 2 on 26th July. good to be back out again!
  9. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    bit of progress.. new windscreen and vinyls in and done, had some panels painted and repaired by a mate pretty cheap, clear vinyl wrapped the side intrusions and taxi bar, strengthened the passenger seat rail, new handbrake master cyl and braided lines sorted, bled brakes with fresh endless fluid, new roof lip's on, chrome csts on front, te's on the rear. koguchi wing has been made and on its way now, cant wait to get it. went for the first drive in a long time last night (since November last year) car was flawless. even on crappy old e85. engine seems to like the new ulx110 so far too. cage seems to make a fair difference in handling, feels better than ever. getting the car tuned this Saturday at Willall Racing, hopefully its as good if not better than it was before. just needs high boost reset to 22psi and make sure its all good with this new crank and bearings. then grip day sat 21st june and drift prac that night, hoping to get out to both if all goes to plan! pics
  10. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    nice work mate!
  11. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    finally finished painting the cage and touching up the rest with olive green! all with 2pak spraycans! lol etch primed, base coat millennium jade and clear coat. stoked with the results. about 2 weeks prepping and painting after work each night lol wont b doing that in a hurry again. also got the fresh engine back in today! things r looking good. cant wait to get back out there soon.
  12. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Yea I like it too, all one piece from rear tower to the a pillar. Also notched into the main hoop Apparantly 30% stronger than just welding pipe to pipe. One of my fav things is the bar from the base of main hoop is one piece goes hard up against rear arches, to the towers and back down the other side all one piece. And the wrap around a pillar gussets r cool as well!
  13. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Evan from RCR did the cage. Bit of a mission to get it done but came thru with the goods eventually. Stoked with the results
  14. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    well its finally back home! cant wait to drive this thing. so much to do now bought some 17x9.5 +15 chrome csts recently and a set of 18x9.5 +12 bronze te37's also found a different roof lip im about to fit. about to order a koguchi power wing too trying out some different tail lights ive made up, very similar to the spirit rei lights its all happening! now.. what colour to paint it?!
  15. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    so its been a fair while since ive posted an update... ive only really seen the car twice this year so far and its almost april! lol engine is freshened up, new crank and bearings. the rod bearings were at 40thou and we couldn't find anyone that made bearings that size anymore.. so found a new crank from a good mate of mine Cam at Solid Engineering and Mechanical. my engine builder paul then crack tested, linished, deburred, grub screwed and balanced the crank. also crack tested my oil pump gearset. Then had the sump modified, completely different design with baffles and trap doors. I hope it works this time!! Will also be rigging up an accusump. car is still down getting a weld in cage put in it. going down to see the progress tonight, its almost finished. then I need to decide what colour to paint the cage. so undecided lol been looking for some new wheels still just keeping an eye on the auctions atm