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  1. Any road bikers?

    Haha just don't go doin that everywhere. That's why i'll be in court again soon No probs mate. Enjoyed the day was a good ride once it dried up and really enjoyed the run down Nebo. Gotta get my bike serviced and maybe a new front tyre and i'll be up for another ride Hope we get better weather and turn out next time. and one of my bike
  2. Any road bikers?

    I got a '08 ZX6-R been wanting to ride with some people for ages never thought to ask here. PM will be sent
  3. Sneak Peak.....

    First thought driving past that driveway would be Drug Dealers How do you boys keep forkin out for these toys Congrats mate hot ride anyway
  4. Gold Coast- Meet & Greet, Inviting all

    God damn bro where you been hiding... Yeah thats a nice bike.. Get your car fixed asap so we can go for a drive, and give the lil Hyundai racer a break. haha I moved houses and don't have the internet. got to go to my parents place to use their net. I'll let you know when the car is all done and outta shop and organise a drive
  5. Gold Coast- Meet & Greet, Inviting all

    Damn would have liked to take the bike out on this one. I got my work xmas party saturday in brisbane. so will miss out. Darren, I bought an '08 ZX6R last week. 180 goes in shop on monday finally get all engine and bodywork fixed properly and start driving again
  6. I'll be in for this again, if it's at the right time and day around work. I'm going on arvo shift soon 3-11pm sun-fri. last session was good fun. Don't care where. When the date and time is set i'll confirm. Troy
  7. TAX! BACK!

    This is bullshit hearing all this. I earnt 56.5K e-tax reckons i gotta pay the tax office like $660 i paid 400 n something last year and year before paid hundreds damn fkin tax dept. I'd like to bend them over for an ass raping one day
  8. ECU's and a 95 blacktop

    Hey Anthony. I got a Power FC + Hand controller for sale was on my '95 Black top Have you gone SR20de or det ?? Let me know if it interests you Cheers, Troy
  9. Official : Gold Coast Monthly Meets

    Participation hey! OK next Gold coast meet we can all go Sand and prep my car and kit for painting. Got an oil leak I want sorted. Turbo gasket replaced. 5 stud conversion can go on etc etc. You all keen ??
  10. Car Broken Into!

    Heard of alot of cars being stolen and broken into in that carpark. Warning to everyone. Catch a bus. or park on the movie side right next to the security tower and walk to and from
  11. Matt Boatwright tragically killed 11/7/08

    RIP Sad to hear of another loss
  12. REMINDER! Gold Coast BBQ

    I'll most probly be there. only thing that'll stop me is if we go out on the jet-ski's before lunch. Not sure what condition i'll be in after saturday night tho You said your bringing the camera out Darren. Does that mean I have to wash the excel racer ?
  13. TAX! BACK!

    Geez i'm sure doing something wrong. In the past 5-6 years the highest return i've had is about 2-3 hundred. was in a new job entire of last year earnt about 56k and had to pay about $450 back. This year i've earnt just over 60k and i don't wanna pay money back again. I been using e-tax. Is an accountant worth seeing if you've got no receipts or things to claim on that i know of ??
  14. how cool were you in school?

    hahaa i clicked it about 5 times. Then moved the mouse all over the screen trying to find somewhere else to click. Worst thing I kinda felt dissappointed when i realised there was no survey
  15. This sucks. I had PM's that I really needed to refer to. Ohwell