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  1. Damn sorry to hear.. Cars get boosted from Knox all the time. Sorry to hear you had no insurance, that will definately hurt. Ill keep an eye out in my area.
  2. Epic Offset Fail

    For the no wheels comment: "Roooaaddds... where we are going we dont neeeed ..... roooaaaads.."
  3. sorry no pics.. went to snap a pic and someone decided to SMS me.. so.. I instead opened an sms hahaha.. real great timing..
  4. Too many passengers

    quite possibly.. But i would still ask a police officer.. this is the info i got from a cop a while ago.. I dont know how true it still rings now though, was a couple of years ago.
  5. Too many passengers

    Well i think it is All seatbelts are used by passengers Persons without seatbelts on can not be under teh age of 17 No persons in the boot No one on anyone Lap 1 person per seatbelt. So really.. you could have 4 people in the back.. So i dont think you will lose your license, maybe a fine. Best person to answer this would be the police.
  6. Anyone see Red over silver VL Calais (Calais international wheels i think), flipped on its roof? I think it was just after Tinks Road but before fountain gate shopping centre, Berwick bound. It had mounted the 3+ meter high 80deg embankment and flipped over.. I passed it at around 5:20pm.. Hope the person/s are ok..
  7. Yanks Crushing Hoons Cars

    I just did the "Do you think hoons cars should be crushed" thingo. Yes/No.. Results are 98% say yes and 2% say no. I take it we are in the 2 percent.
  8. Here is my effort.. quick one.
  9. Name: Denis Age: 26 Height: 5'6" Location: Narre Warren South, Victoria Where do you train? Casey Arc How long have you been lifting?: On and Off since I was 16, I had a teacher at school who was a PT, He was extremely cut, So he got me into training and I have enjoyd it ever since, Well, When I had time to train. I Just started back just over a month ago after a year away from training. What are your short-term goals?: 85kg by christmas, Current 81kg, started 6 weeks ago on 78kg. Long term goals?: Bulk to 90kg then lean back to 85kg and maintain. If i keep at what i am doing now, should be possible by december next year. A bit about yourself: Married In May, No kids. Into cars since i was young, Have had a variety of Jap Cars, Currently drive a CB Lancer GSR 3 Door, Previously had AE86 Trueno Coupe, S13 Silvia, CC GSR EVO, ET Turbo.
  10. Ignite 2 - $106/390g *cringes*

    Creatine is good. I have tried different types of creatine with some good gains. but i recently found out that muscles can only hold X mgs of creatine thus loading phase is unwarranted. Just take creatine 30min before training and it helps in muscle recovery. When I used creatine, took 30min before workout. Go in, I usually push till I cant lift a 10kg weight (bench press). But my muscles didnt hurt either, until the next day. I also took creatine with a good diet and a protein suppliment to assist with muscle growth. Creatine 30min before workout Protein Shake straight after workout. I would recommend International Protein. I have been back at the gym for about 3 - 4weeks. (Week off inbetween due to car accident) on both protein and creatine. I have gone from 78kg to 81kg's.
  11. Good Read: http://healthfitness.com.au/articles/weights/weightloss.html
  12. what high school

    Rowville Secondary College Class of 98
  13. ca18det spark plugs

    i always used the sock NGK BCPR6ES II
  14. If your on after market management. Check inlet restriction. Make sure its free flowing and if stock tubing its not compressing under boost. Check all cooler connections. make sure no leaks and use good clamps and silicon. Check for any other vaccuum leaks, Check cat, but generally if its melted down it will restrict boost OR induce lag.