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  1. Hi as the topic states, are s14 and s15 shocks interchangable as i am in need of replacements for my leaking s14 shocks cheers
  2. Inspirational bodybuilding pics

    I agree that last bloke is a tank anyone have his stats?
  3. hi all i am looking to buy a s14 series 2 stock ecu but the seller isnt sure if its a series 1 or series 2 ecu that he has. how am i able to tell if its a s14 series 2 ecu? cheers
  4. let the car run for 20 minutes and then wearing a rubber glove try turning it a half or full turn to get it loose then turn the car off and should be sweet to remove
  5. 3rd stimulus package?

    its also more likely to be spent on infrstructure like more roads and hospitals etc. so they are stimulating the econmy by spending on big projects employing people and buying resources etc
  6. 3rd stimulus package?

    i think you will find that any new stimulus package will be in the form of tax cuts announced in the may 12th budget. the gvernment is in a huge defecit so there is little if no chance they will have another cash handout that costs billions of dollars.
  7. leg cramps

    i prefer to do an active warm up such starting off with slow jog then increasing intensity to increase warmth in the muscles, i stretch my legs after purely to target where i usually get cramps as an extra little thing. i probably warm up for about 15 minutes but most of it is actually running or drills. i also think because i come from a sprinting background i am always on my toes so this puts alot of pressure on my leg muscles
  8. leg cramps

    i do stretch before and during to try and prevent the cramps i have tried skins but i feel uncomfortable wearing them
  9. leg cramps

    hi all, i need some advice i play soccer and almost every game without fail i will end up getting a leg cramp in my calves. I try to consume salty foods before i play as well as consume alot of water however nothing seems to help and this has been happening for a few years. anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Royal Purple

    SAS in Silverwater or autobarn in auburn
  11. Auto paint seller

    kenny's at carramar is pretty good

    yeh im sure there are few falcon still. saw blue one yesterday, with blue flashing light on their dash, front bar, and the back number plate as well. got with the number plate if you want. a blue BA falcon or AU falcon?

    im pretty sure cops dont use AU falcons anymore its BA and newer
  14. S14 alarm problem

    i have the same problem, i have to carry my factory alarm key pad and my aftermarket one around as sometimes the factory one decides to kick in for no reason so i need to get it fixed soon