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  1. EVO 7 front bar

    depends on wat lip your after. i know OTR in east side sellin a varis style one.
  2. EVO members

    yea got a 7 for a month or so now. much better and stable compared to silvias
  3. evo 7 to 9

    yea it will
  4. Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

    I dunno, 'GIVE ME YOUR FACE' has a good ring to it. yea that too... haha... lots of excellent moments. punk ass decepticons!!
  5. Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

    furkin awsome. this time they did justice on prime the way it should be best quote : "ill take you all on!!"

    pretty tight!!... and alot of stuff too. good luck man
  7. Happy bday to the blackman

    happy bday manz!!!!
  8. BlackHawk Helicopters in the CBD?

    there are some flyin about right now... saw a couple fly by.
  9. My 180SX

    finally get to see your car dane lol =) 2 thumbs up for the effort and looks... excellent work buddy!!!
  10. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    man another hot lookin car =) top job!!!
  11. S15 Time attacker

    very nice and simple indeed =) nice example of a street s15. Thumbs up!!
  12. Silman - RB25DET 180SX Kouki Type-X style

    hey silman... its been a while. Big congrats on getting ur ride on HPI. Great looking car and awsome engine mods too. love the type x wing btw .... im still thinking of getting one... hahah
  13. Hardtuned.net meet photos

    yea neils car along with the black 180 with work rims were very hot. nice pics arch and good cruise guys
  14. Silman - RB25DET 180SX Kouki Type-X style

    hey silman, car looks hot mate top work buddy.. got the looks and power! you make me wanna get a type x wing. Always afraid it wouldnt be as nice but you've proven me wrong