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  1. moving house and found my self printed and bound complete workshop manual for late model sr20's, s14 models etc. probably close to 1000pages, printed in black and white and plastic spine bound by office works back in the day... if no one want her she's going in the bin.. i'm located in Nairne but can take it to Adelaide uni with me on weekdays if that's easier. SMS 0421040368 if your keen ross
  2. i owned it back when i lived at henley beach? thanks for the info platinum, may the search continue.
  3. hi guys, been away from the forums for a while now and the itch has been dragging me back more and more every day. trying to track down my old 180sx with an s15 front on it that i built up from scratch back in the days when she was a ca auto... last i heard it belonged to a bloke in s.a still who took it out to lala a fair bit. would like to get in touch with the owner or see some current photos of the beast.. here's what it looked like last i saw it..
  4. got the last remaining pieces of my 180 project, which consists of a near bare shell, with body loom, hatch, glass, roof lining and random interior, etc. need the shed space back asap to work on ma 4x4 by christmas so hoping someone will drag this away for me for 100$ or point me in the right place for a company that will come pick it up, think they pay round that for scrap anyway dont they?? cheers

    just scored a set of 5 maxxis bighorns in 33"x 12.5 with black sunraysia rims off ebay for 1k, best win on ebay ever!
  6. 4 Stud | Multistud Drift Teks

    ^^ agreed. dunno about other tyre places kos they're imported from china i believe (think its china...) pretty sure tyrepower cna get em too, but def hit up wheelworx...
  7. Hookups on BBQs?

    had a spare only just a few wks ago but canned it in the skip when i moved sorry bro... while where on hookups, any one goot a good one for garage kits/concreters. trying to get a shed up in ma new place as cheap as possible
  8. got maybe 8-10 out the back of my old place. settlement is tommorow though so if you get down there early, jump the side fence and go behind the shed you'll c them... sure new owner doesnt want them, thinkg my missus pop across the road has a stack too if your keen, i can ask him for ya...
  9. anyone got metal/welding access?

    ok so here's some of my inspiration, kinda thinking of a mix n match of the following pics, i circled the main features in the design i intended to incorporate, being the main rear bumper section, whether square tubing or simple thick flat steel, the curved bar around bottom of rear guards to protect from rocks and drop offs etc, and either the hummer style or the welded eyelet for a tow hook location, def prefere the hummer style but not quite sure how you'd do it..
  10. anyone got metal/welding access?

    ^^^ probly 2 squares roughly 480wx100hx8-10mm thick im thinking, plus offcuts etc to be welded for the mounting bracket and some sort of d shackle style hook welded to the plate or a fixed square shaped tow point... im working on sketches so i cam scan em up in a few days, ill keep an eye out on google images for something along the lines of what im after...
  11. got a design for a two piece rear bar setup for the 4x4, will be mirror image left and right, approx 500 wide by 100 tall, will talk more in detail if anyone can help me out... basically need someone who has access to steel they can cut and weld up to the design so i can replace my gay chrome rear bumpers with something a bit more useful, with hooks preferably... just to give you an idea.. those chrome bits r what i ripped off.. willing to negotiate costs etc if anyone is up to it...

    got one sorted thanks all!!!

    will speak to dori garu, not keen on silvia though... pm sent, anyone got track shells outa curiosity?

    agreed plus doesnt even need rego, just registerable once i get possession.. cheers, will do. pm sent, haggling email your way