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  1. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    mmm did the meets die out completely?...
  2. whats your car?

    ppls profiles have the answer..
  3. 25th April Meet - Get your cars out!

    but u bit me last night at dinner
  4. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    its ok ryan, we shall have our own meet up on friday again lol~ ms all weekend again?
  5. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    This could get interesting does that mean u're coming?
  6. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    haha i'm gonna count on ryan to remind me.. so if i'm not there u can blame ryan
  7. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    i'll think about it gotta fix up my number plate light first coz its burning my rear bar. was suppose to get that done today but i forgot again. i really need to take the s15 for a drive coz its been sitting in the garage for 2 months. i'll decide when the day comes i guess. what r u taking?
  8. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    wooo glen is going to this one?? how exciting~ i finally got my 180 back after how many yrs lol
  9. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    & that ryan guy too
  10. All S15 Social Meet

    these seem to always b on when im busy >.
  11. Mr Whippy

    can u speak to him & ask him to turn it down? if not then do a noise complaint on him
  12. Stupid police

    may be they're pulling u over coz they think u're plates are interesting? its happened to my bf & i before heaps of times, when we first put the plates on the car, the car got pulled over 3 days in a row. the cops even said "u must get pulled over a lot coz of those plates". 2 days after that we drove past a cop again & the cop just smiled at us.
  13. Where to get remap

    this is the 1st time i've seen u posting on the forum hehe~ ur cousin was telling me yesterday about how ur car runs really nice now after taking it to east coast customs. show me how nice it is when u're free coz im still deciding if i wana keep the 180 or not & i'll want it running nice ps: u're gona have to help me put my body kit back on the 180 when its done thanks in advance
  14. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    it shall be up & running in perfect condition & u shall remind me about this meet so i can be there to see u again oki? cool~ all settled