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  1. I don't think putting a "restricter plate" in sounds like a good idea at at.... You shouldn't really try and restrict the exhaust flow. Look around for a silencer to go into the exhaust tip, they bring down the noise quite a bit but don't reduce flow too badly. - Lance.
  2. New fuel pump, noise.

    Sorry, not at all familiar with the fuel pump control module.... I thought the same, but it does it every time I turn the car on. - Lance
  3. Morning all. Installed my new AEM fuel pump over the weekend and now when the fuel system primes, I get a low pitched chirp. It sounds normal in a way, but just wanting to check if it's common. Cheers, - Lance
  4. BOV's do you need them? Chasing 400hp s14

    Mass Air Flow sensors and Mass Air Pressure sensors are two different things mate. A Z32 Air Flow Meter is a Mass Air Flow type sensor. Or are you asking a different question? - Lance
  5. Sr20de Cooling abnormality

    If I were you, I'd take a few minutes to check the seating and orientation of the thermostat. I had a similar problem and it ended up being that the thermostat had dropped out of it's seat when the front housing was being installed (My own fault dammit). At the least, checking it will rule it out. Cooling systems are pretty basic so there can't be too much to it mate. - Lance
  6. Remove engine for head gasket removal

    Find yourself a FSM and you'll be away laughing. If you're mechanically minded and you take your time it's not a difficult job. - Lance
  7. It really is a piece of piss to do mate, but if you're really unsure, take it to a mechanic. - Lance
  8. If they moved the CAS it should have been timed again with a timing light. Was this done? and if not, get a timing light onto it so you can get it timed up again chief. - Lance
  9. 5psi isn't what I would consider dire straights so I wouldn't worry about changing piston rings in a hurry. As for the timing, get a timing light onto it and see whats going on. I can't imagine it being the cause of a compression drop however. - Lance
  10. 180sx Intercooler

    The factory viscous is a good setup but some of us can't run them due to space requirements. A couple of good electric fans will do the job fine. If you're able to buy/fab up a shroud that'd be ideal, however I ran without on on my 180 for ages with no issues (street use only). - Lance
  11. S13's have an adjustment screw on the back of the speedo to recalibrate. I think it was on here that I found a guide. Basicly, remove the speedo cluster then remove the 4 bolts for the speedo itself, on the back of the speedo face there is a blue box with adjustment screw, adjust in slight increments until it's right. I did it with my 180, using a GPS to check with. - Lance
  12. Good on ya mate. Pity I didn't see this earlier as I've gone through the process of replacing all the heater hoses on two CA's now and know it back to front. I'd suggest you buy a heater hose kit off - ebay over there?? - and spend a weekend swearing, but getting it done. It'll save you an on going headache. Also, replace all hose clips, as those style are notorious for cutting pipes. Cheers, - Lance
  13. Fault code reading rb25det

    Okay cheers. I don't have TCS so maybe it's ABS... don't remember unplugging anything to do with that but I'll double check. Defiantly 1 long flash followed by 10 short ones. I'll look into it further this weekend. Cheers mate. - Lance
  14. Hey guys. Put the head back on my Stagea yesterday (rb25det neo) and its running well. However, engine check light is flashing on ACC and is on solid when car is running. 1 long flash, 7 short, pause, 1 long flash, 10 short. I've looked at the error codes and neither of them seem to correspond to the fault codes I can find online. Anyone got ideas? Could it be recalling codes from when the engine was apart and the battery was connected up for various things? If so, is the bridging of the consult port how to clear it. Cheers, - Lance
  15. rb25det knowledge needed

    Just picked up my injectors. Number 4 was stuck open. They've all gone through the ultrasonic cleaner and the guy's put bigger filter baskets in them, so I'll get the compression tester onto the engine tonight (fingers crossed) and get her all back together. Gives me a while to save up for some new injectors now. Cheers for the help chaps, hope I don't need to carry this topic on lol. - Lance