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  1. Quick / Short joke thread

    An abbo walks into a bar with a seagul on his shoulder, and the barman says "Where did you find him?" The seagul replies - "At the tip". A man walks into a pet store and says "ive only got $25 what can i buy that talks?' The man behind the counter replies "well we have this parrot, but our popular choice is the new talking centipedes" "ok, Ill take a centipede then" says the man. He gets home and says to the centipede "Im goin down the pub, you wanna come?" Theres no reply from the centipede. Anyway he starts getting ready for the pub and comes back 10 mins later and says "im going to teh pub you wanna come?" - but theres still no reply The man puts his shoes on, does his hair and grabs his car keys and as hes on his way out says to the centipede "For the last bloody time, Im going to the pub do you want to come?" The centipede replies "I f**king heard you the first time, im putting my shoes on!" Just a couple of my favourites...

    Cheers for your support and positive attitude. I look forward to recieving the goods.

    G'day Chasing pair vtx side skirts for 180sx. Can you tell me, I have a c-west front bar, will the bottom of the front bar line up with the edge of the skirts so it looks flush? Also how are these for fitting, do these copies fit properly first time? Thanks
  4. Garrett GT Turbos

    Wow. That is a really really good price for a GT28RS. Never seen them that cheap. If i wasnt moving house i would buy one straight up!
  5. I bought one of these myself, Not a bad product except the gasket that comes with it... They last about a week then they blow. Do yourself a favour change it while your down there to something brand name. That gasket could be leaking and that could be your problem.
  6. Muzza Teletubbies / Teledrugos, Video!

    I really didnt find that funny what so ever. What exactly was funny about it?
  7. Plz set it onfire AND shoot who ever created this monstrosity. IT NEEDS TO BE DRIVEN INTO A LAKE ASAP. I feel like I have wasted 10 seconds of my life looking at that picture.
  8. Constantly Blowing AMP Fuse..

    There are a number of things that could be wrong. Some of which has happened to me. Taking into account you said you have already checked all the wiring.. 1. Check that no stray cores from the power cable are touching any other terminals on the amp itself. 2. Have you got a big enough fuse for the power usage of that amp? 3. Only other thing i can think is it may be a fault within the amp itself. See if u can use a different amp to test if its the wiring or your specific amp. Also double check that you have not got an earth short somewhere along the run of positive cable from the battery to the amp. common places to look at are the penetration through the firewall which can lead to cable damage if not done correctly and sealed. also check the run under the trimming. Reason for this is I once put a trim screw through the power cable of the amp screwing it to the chasis and causing an earth fault (unlucky i know...) Hope it helps, good luck.
  9. vertex kit too low

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that it was main chasis that had be to at least 100mm afl. I dont think it matters if the plastic hangs lower.. I have a c-west front bar that is a bitch not to scrape because it hangs low (worse than the vertex one i had previously) But police will prob give you a mellow yellow because it 'looks' too low.
  10. C*nts. I hope mr bin man empties the guts out of it. Velcro number plates + wheely bin run ftw.
  11. Engine Noise

    check the skinny hose that recirculates some of the burnt exhaust back into the cylinders. I cant tell you the propper name for it, but i know that when you install a pod filter it makes a sucking noise. Disconnect that hose and see what happens. If its better put a ball bearing into the hose to block it and stick it back onto the nipple.