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  1. Simple yet effective – ADM S15

    Thread revival! It’s been a while my fellow Silvia brothers.. I haven’t been to the site for a while so I thought may as well update this thread. Gilbert the s15 (my true love) is now in the ownership of a member on here, I’m glad it’s gone to a good home/owner. He popped by during the week & was kind enough to let me see & drive it. although I miss it, I don’t regret selling it, as it was time for something different. It’s amazing the bond you build & all the memories made with a piece of metal over a course of time. So here is the replacement.. Blue turd 2002 NB mx5 1.8L VVT naturally aspirated, producing 113kw.. weighs just over 1000kg’s.. really is a nugget in straight line performance, but around corners, it’s a different story. On the outside it’s cute & girly looking some say, but with the right modifications & driven properly, it has the potential around twisties or the track, turn in is pretty awesome & natural, finding the limits of this car is much harder than the 15 (even with fully completed suspension set up). I purchased it purely to get stuck into circuit racing..but it’s street registered & see’s the royal nasho frequently.. though its not as precious as the s15. You’re thinking why did you sell the 15 for this?! The best way to answer that is, go & drive one, only then you will know why. I’m not done with ownership of another Nissan.. I know for certain the next one will be white, in line six.. twin turbo, 4wd with a v-spec 2 badge on the rear. Over’n’out, J.
  2. 86 or MX5?

    just realised youve posted in the mx5 cartalk forum also! my comment on s15 being un-balanced refers to its weight distribution & the fact that its ass lets go when you push the car around corners i.e. it's easy to find it's limits, where as in the mx it's totally different. i ran tein monoflex susp on my s15 & it had pretty good handling through royal nasho.. when i bought the NB, i can easily push that twice as hard & i wasnt reaching anywhere near it's limit at all & thats on stock suspension. alot of people (including me at one stage), think they are gay or a women's car, but they are far from it.. it's once you drive it properly.. you realise what it is. the thing i miss most about my s15.. is the turbo torque hit & skids..haha. as you get older you get over straight line speed.. Jas.
  3. 86 or MX5?

    didnt read through the other responses but..here is my 2c. id never think i would sell my s15..but i did, why? in a nut shell: - i drove a track prepped NB once, got back into the s15 & it felt like a toyota camry (dont get me wrong i was in love with the s15) - although not fast in straight line.. & prob the worst thing about it! it's very well balanced.. very fun.. & you'd be suprised with some mods, which cars you'd be keeping up with/owning on corners & out braking on corner entry..including 86's & evos. - cant really comment too much about the NC but there are supercharger kits for these.. some swap with a larger n/a motor, they run impressive times at wakefield. - NB's with bolt on turbo 5-10psi & stock internals would run a low 13 quarter (potential is there if you want) & the internals handle it. - much cheaper & easier to maintain - they dont break as easily. - there is are reason why they are the best selling sports car/roadster in the world. s15 although sleek, good looking & awesome performance, good at skids etc is not very well balanced. good luck!
  4. Sold a while ago.. good bye my love..
  5. all items are sold except the gauges - i still have these & they are still for sale.
  6. Made 2 Race (M2R) helmet x 2

    south west syd, wetherill park.. horsley drive area.
  7. 2x bottles of touch up paint, fresh & never used. Very useful for tidying up any scratches or stone chips, the lid has an applicator brush (similar to nail polish), there is also a ball bearing inside. $25 each or $50 for both. Pick up only.
  8. s15 OEM mirrors

    FS - s15 OEM mirrors, blue in colour, good condition. Seals & electrics are in good order. $180 ono, pick up only.
  9. Matte black in colour, both have been only used once, great condition. would like to sell both at once but can sell separately $95 each. Includes box & cover/bag. 1 x small helmet 1 x large helmet AS/NZS approved. Pick up only $190 ono
  10. Nismo GT shift knob

    Barely used, great condition, no scratches. this came off my s15 & would suit other 'S' chassis accordingly, may also fit skylines. This GT Titanium Shift Knob is made commercially with the use of titanium material, and is exactly the same design as the shift knob installed in the NISMO Skyline GT-R/GT500 class (as participated in the Japanese GT championship series). Nicely weighted & has a great feel. $100 ono pick up only.
  11. Simple yet effective – ADM S15

    car is SOLD !! was a bit emotiional seeing it driven away.. but no regrets, even though i was pretty attached to it. the 'replacement' will be built to turn corners..well, a circuit orentated weekend warrior. J.
  12. *** PRICE DROP, car must go. Built July 2001, this Australian delivered s15 in brilliant blue is in immaculate condition, purchased from an elderly enthusiast in stock form in October 2008 - Since then it has traveled only 33,000kms in my ownership. Has never been involved in an accident & all panels are straight. Mature owner, serviced every 5 thousand km’s using high quality fluids & parts, washed & polished regularly, always garaged and driven only on weekends, unmolested & very reliable FR sports car. Would love to hold onto it, selling due to a change of lifestyle. Tasteful modifications have been carried out by professionals at reputable workshops, brand new parts have been used in all instances, modifications include: Interior: - Defi BF series boost gauge & controller (amber colour) - Nissan OEM GT spec shift boot & gear knob - JVC blacked out head unit with soundstream replacement speakers front & rear - HKS auto/multi timer (includes volts/RPM/0-100kmh/quarter mile timer etc.) - G-reddy profec B spec 2 boost controller (never used & not completely installed) - Bride digo-r bucket seat with bride MO rail Exterior: - Complete genuine aero OEM body kit package - Professionally de-badged & boot lock removed - Ganador mirrors - Enkei RPF1 black rims 17x8 & 17x9 with 225/235/45 tyres - Kageki lug nuts & hub rings. Engine/drive train: - Cooling pro front mounted intercooler with custom black plumbing - Apexi suction kit with custom carbon fibre air box - 3 inch x-force turbo back exhaust - Nismo engine & gearbox mounts - NPC organic heavy duty clutch & flywheel * motul oil & nismo filter used for every service. Suspension/braking: - Ferodo DS2500 front pads - Cusco front tension rods - Cusco rear camber & toe arms - Tein monoflex coilover suspension One of, if not the cleanest on sale - will not disappoint, first to see will buy. The sale includes factory wheels (other parts available) full service history available, serious offers/buyers only – no test pilots. Jas 0411 360 920
  13. Simple yet effective – ADM S15

    really..6 years.. ? dont know about that.. your probably referring to the timing of my initial post.
  14. Simple yet effective – ADM S15

    So here's what's happening right now: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-200SX-2001/SSE-AD-2691272/?Cr=29&sdmvc=1 after 6 years of ownership.. it's time for a change. PM if anyone is interested. J.