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  1. Best House Tracks of 2006

    i've downloaded all 3 but had to do them separatly. good mix!!!
  2. mmmmmm, f**king love it. less is more. havn't gone over the top. lovely
  3. My new Jap spec s14 drift machine

    i was just browsing through and thought u could use this.
  4. My Project

    with out giving too much away, i do believe he's got a set of these pups lined up. he is still keeping the spray colour close to his chest, but i do know either his old man, or BBK will be painting it. hurry up and get this on the road le.
  5. My Project

    nice ride chris. but havn't i seen this b4 some where............
  6. subi liberty turbo wagoon

    here we go finally got my digital camera and decided to take some pics after i washed my lappo. details: • Twin Turbo Bottom end Conversion + wrx heads • VF34 Turbo • K&N Air Filter • Hybrid FMIC • Bosch Coil Conversion • Malpassi Fuel Regulator • 3 Inch S/S Exhaust From Turbo back • WRX Second Hub and Synchro • Short Shift Kit Fitted • front STI seats • Link computer installed • WRX MY01 Wheels • WRX 4Pot Front Brakes with slotted rotors • Lowered Springs, Pedders Shocks random other bits n peices. apexi boost guage, pioneer dolphin deck, mb quartz speakers, sti clutch, was originally a gx non turbo auto, covereted to manual, new interior with climate control and rest of gear. different front grill. possibly other random things. 196kws ATW future plans: tint, needing a tune urgently. cheers luke engine engine + seats engine + seats
  7. subi liberty turbo wagoon

    i like your thoughts. i was going to look into it but wasn't sure how good it is for your car. easily. i get board quickly. now i'm used to the power it feels slow. but u get that with every car i guess.
  8. subi liberty turbo wagoon

    cheers for the comments ppl. i was initially looking for a 180, searched for a solid 9 months and couldn't find a decent 1, and this came up so i bought this. BUT i'm getting really board of AWD, so i might sell up in the near future. i'll just wait a bit and see.
  9. *** pics of the day ***

    some weird ass cheese my mate thats over seas at the moment sent me a pic of.
  10. My Black Panther

    cheers. its some tart from my 21st last week.
  11. My Black Panther

    preach^^^^^^^^^^^ other than the neons its looks sweet.
  12. My S14

    f**k me restekpa! very nice. where bouts your from in perth bruz?
  13. PICS OF MY r32 (picking it up on the 23rd)

    looks nice and clean. what year is it and any other modds to it?

    i've just decided to retract that previous statement, considering i've just seen your a p plater. now i hate u. kidding. but seriously

    i'm going to have to disagree with every one and say to keep the wing. i'm not a wing man, but i like that one. but those rims need to go. other wise its f**king hot!!!!!!
  16. My 180

    farkkkkkkkk. thats nice man. BTW you have PM
  17. hey guys i'm looking at purchasing this particular 180, so i am getting it checked over this weekend by one of my mechanic mates. just wondering if their is anything in particular that i need to look for? its a 1992 with quiet low kms. any help would be appreciated. thanks luke
  18. buying a 180

    cheers for info and links guys. i had to go out so i didn't get to search properly. so solly. i'll let ya know how it goes. luke
  19. My car

    legacy gt wagon. i am so jelous. lose the bull bar and i'm not sure about the lights yet. is it manual? what did it cost u if i may ask. i love gt's.
  20. hey guys. been thinking about purchasing a 180 in the next couple of months, around 93. my question is how reliable are they? will i be pouring money into it for up keep. reason is i'm going back to uni, and don't want to have to spend all of my few hundred bucks a week on fixing it. i know it will depend alot on the condition of it, and its past owners, but i just need some info. i used to have a 96 liberty and that was reliable as. but being turbo and comming up on 12/13years of thrashing, what should i expect? thanks luke
  21. nice work man. i've been following your posts aswell, seems like its all coming together for ya. getting a suprise that that is killa, you must have been pumped. just take it easy in the wet, and learn to drive it and not be a hero and you'll be fine. happy driving.
  22. car went over pits today.

    well took my car over the pits today. i initially recieved a sticker for 2 low, POD and BOV. so went to pits today and got a pretty cool guy. started chatting to him about weather and shit. then got chatting about work. anyway....looked at my pod, PERMIT, cooler, PERMIT, guage, PERMIT. i told him my back seat belt was not working and that one of my globes was out aswell. he was pumped that i told him straight out which put him in a good mood i think. i asked him about my ''low suspension'' and these were his words: '' just between u and me mate, that was bull shit'' i was like sickkk, your a mad cunnt. he took my car 4 a drive, i heard him caining it around the block. came back and told me to get my bov turned down. then threw my keys back to me and winked and said '' nice car mate'' and went and did my paper work. so all i need is bov, globe and selt belt. such a relief.
  23. hey guys. pretty dumbass question, but i'm getting my cooler in the next few days and also getting a new fuel pump. once installed will i need to get it re-tuned? cheers. luke