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  1. The Last of Us

    Same, got a copy from VideoEzy for $58 and it ended up coming from Hong Kong! Started playing it last night and am really liking it
  2. Some times gets used

    It landed with R32's on the front...unless they have been changed
  3. A rotting turd would be head and sholders above the last couple, not really a big achivement...and doesn't change what he did....*milkshake*
  4. He was a sneaky prick who pushed his personal views in front of the people's and used diversionary tactics to get things through parliament…he was a *milkshake* then and is a *milkshake* now
  5. Hitman

    I really enjoyed it (big hitman fan) but found it very different to Blood Money. My biggest disappointment was that you couldn’t pick your weapons in the story mode but can see why they did it. Also a little disappointed the levels are not as “sandboxy” as the last game, levels are now broken down in to parts and access via moving through a door/checkpoint to the next section… Got over 14 hours of game play so far so it gets two thumbs up for value for money…sick of buying games only to get a 4 hour campaign
  6. Hitman

    Drag this back from the dead...is anyone playing the new Hitman? I'm loving it, pretty different from Blood Money and not being able to pick your weapons is a bit shit but the game makes up for it
  7. $2300US (same price as a standard F1) Hopefully it gets here and i don't end up in Guantanamo Bay lol
  8. After ALOT of farking around and calling in many many many favours I secured one..still not here yet, hopefully there isn't any issues with shipping
  9. Ban on high powered magnets

    This shits me to tears.. We have a retarded culture of just banning anything which may be a problem
  10. COD: Black Ops 2

    Unbelievable, get over it!
  11. Battlefield 3

    Anyone else getting lag spike issues with the new DLC Armored Kill? Seems to be internment for me (ping is in the low 40’s and frame rate is above 90fps) Just playing fine then it gets all jerky for 5-10 seconds…starting to shit me off as I have no issues with BF3 or other DLC
  12. The 1911 is still a hugely popular civilian gun, tonnes are in circulation It is but not often used in CCW...a 5 inch gun is too big for most people to conceal
  13. Two hits from a 9mm at 3 feet broke two of my ribs and put me on my arse pretty quickly while wearing soft armour....If there was an opportunity to take a shot then it would have stopped him for a few seconds at least, enough time to keep drilling rounds into the *milkshake* so he couldn’t get up
  14. Legal to carry in Colorado if you have a CCW permit Somewhat true…still the shooter had to pause to reload which may have presented a moment for a CCW holder to engage. Even if the target is wearing body armour you’re shots will still have somewhat of a positive effect…i.e. Knocking the wind out, broken ribs, internal bleeding
  15. Sniper Elite V2

    Anyone else playing this? Does get a bit repetitive after a while but the bullet and kill cam are great…and the ability to shot off nazi’s balls with a 30-06