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  1. CV Axles

    Are the CV axles on the US 240SX S14 (KA24DE) the same as Aussie S14 (SR20DET)?
  2. Just recently became aware of this scan tool, which purports to be able to work with a large number of makes and models, and to be able to conduct active tests and cycle ABS to allow proper brake bleeding etc. However for as many positive reviews as I have seen, there are an equal number of complaints. Seems there are Australian delivered vs grey import varieties on eBay and that whichever one you get, you need to download device-specific update files (ie. no sharing with other users), and if you have a grey import device, apparently it will not work for Aussie updates for Holden&Ford. Also there are more basic models that only have a couple of functions eg. ABS and SRS only and are a bit cheaper. Kind of a convoluted backstory, but anyway.. Has anyone here got first hand experience with them on an S13,14,15? Are they any good or just junk? http://www.auteltech.com/autelcms/Specialty%20Products/546.jhtml http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Original-AUTEL-MaxiCheck-Pro-Diagnostic-Scan-Tool-for-EPB-ABS-SRS-SAS-TPMS-/291044311320
  3. Stock S14 tie rods are 12 mm and Tein rods are 14 mm diameter. Which steering rack boots are suitable when using the larger rods?
  4. NissanSilvia at its finest. LOL MS Paint FTW
  5. Definitely not oil pressure-related as I did one cylinder after another and they all did the same thing. Did not wet test yet, and as per graph I did not zero the gauge between cranks.
  6. Hi, I stopped cranking in the first round as pressure looked to have levelled off and wasn't increasing anymore. Was wondering if a blocked intake/exhaust could make a difference, so cranked again after any relevant pressures had stabilised. The CAS was unplugged yes.
  7. Did a compression test recently- warm engine (stock sr20det), all plugs out, dry test, WOT etc. and got an even 135 psi across the board after 6 compression strokes where the pressure seemed to level off. For each cylinder I left it for about 30 seconds (@ approx 135 psi), then re-cranked for 6 more and each cylinder shot up to 155 psi. The pressure levelled off very quickly the second round (after 2 compression events). There was no discernable pressure drop over the 30 seconds after each stage of cranking. Is the compression 135 or 155 psi, and what could be the reasons why it did not go up to 155 in the first go? Explanatory graphic- axes not to scale lol
  8. s14 rear brake help

    As above, did you wind the caliper pistons back in first? Push while turning clockwise. Also, slacken off the handbrake adjuster at the handle (10 mm deep socket) then pump the brakes reasonably hard 10 times to reset the autoadjusters. Then re-tighten the nut again for final handbrake adjustment. Should give a secure clamp at 7 clicks but not cause brakes to drag when fully released.
  9. I want to replace the inner and outer CVs (spider assemblies and housings) on my S14. eg. http://febest.eu/INNER_JOINT_27X126/0211-WD21 When these get overhauled in a shop will they typically use genuine Nissan or A/M parts? What are the different brands available and which ones are good? Where can these be bought in Aus? Most S13/14/15 will have >175 000 km on them by now so it is surprising these are not easier to find..
  10. NISSAN S14/S15 PARTS

    Hi mate, interested in the drive shafts and I sent you a couple of texts a few days ago about them. Can you let me know postage costs to Brissie? Thanks
  11. LTZ PLA Nissan S13 Silvia

    If you want baller custom stuff try ARE but $$$ http://are.com.au/
  12. Hi Folks, As per topic, I've searched around a bit but did not find an answer. Are S15 and S14a 6-bolt driveshafts 100% interchangeable?
  13. Well to check if the valve itself is working jam 12 V onto the solenoid pins (disconnect loom first) with the car at idle and you should hear the difference with the sudden onset of extra overlap. To check if it is being controlled properly, connect it all back together and at idle with clutch in, with 1st gear selected just barely touch the accelerator off and on again and you should hear the VTC solenoid click as you go on and off. Can be hard to hear but if you are in an enclosed space such as a garage you will hear it. You'll know what to listen for because you've heard that same noise from the first step.