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  1. THE CAVE: Adelaide

    I could not believe it mate. I saw the pictures and my mind was blown. Absof**kingloutely phenomenal what you did. Yeah I train with Julian a few times a week.
  2. THE CAVE: Adelaide

    It says below the title. Prospect.
  3. THE CAVE: Adelaide

    [Long story short. My name is Fuzz. I run a gym out of my parents shed. I am opening PTC Adelaide next year in March. I am looking for people who want to improve to come and train. You can either get coaching which is a reasonable price, or you can just come and move heavy shit with someone who moves heavy shit. I do not care if you are a beginner, I just want people with the right attitude. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60J-ABzKRIk For the record, I dislike endless talking and certificates. So I'll let my results do the talking for me. My number is 0433 679 772. Name is Fuzzy. I will not respond to PM's, if you can't make the 30 cent investment to properly call me and introduce yourself, then you sure as hell won't make it in this gym. Hopefully some of you bite the bullet and come down.
  4. I echo the thoughts that this may apply to his players. From what I have sen of ice hockey payers they tend to be inflexible, and Boyle no doubt has them squatting PL style with the hips back and low bar. No wonder he only sees a back activation. It's getting to the point where individual trainers need to have something unique to make them stand out.
  5. What gym you working out at?

    Parks Community Centre... we literally unpack our gym every session. It's nothign fancy, but if you have a platofrm, 200kg and bar, what else do you need?
  6. Andy Bolton on Dead lifting

    he makes a couple grand every time he breaks that record, not too mention the enormous injury potential/
  7. Andy Bolton on Dead lifting

    It's easy to be a critic when you pull
  8. A good bar is as much an investment in your health and safety as much as it is one in your lifting performance. I have pretty f**ked up wrists and almost injured myself warming up on a shit bar at a competition. When you are moving heavier weights, shit like a slight stick in the bar spin can mean a big injury. I have heard nothing but good abuut the ZK bars, I am fortunate enough to use Elieko competition bars which is luxury lifting by any standard. SPend the grand on a decent bar and you will benefit long term. I've been kicked out of several gyms for bending bars, and it's not because im expcetionally strong, but because 300kg rating actually means 140.
  9. Cant put on any weight.

    Well, there's the problem, your routine is terrible.
  10. Cant put on any weight.

    As a fat guy, this type of question never ceases to amaze me. I can not understand what can be so damn f**king hard to udnerstand about just eating more food.
  11. New Shoes!

    I wish Markos! I finished up a big squat cycle in July and I hit a 242. Moved away from the heavy squatting for a while and I just had a tough battle with 210, but I'll be hitting another big run with squats next week which should see me over the 1/4 tonne by January... provided I don't get injured. It's really weird, when you start pushing the 200+ margin the rate at which strength drops off is unbeleivable. If I ease off for more than a week the leg strength just plummets. Other weird things include the bar oscillating so much you have to learn how to time the squat to it. Half the battle is not just the brute strength, but all the little tricks such as keeping the elbows under, pushing the hips through, head up, chest up etc which make the difference. How are things on your end? Max lifting well?
  12. New Shoes!

    Watch out for the very fragile heel of the shoe. ALot of lifters have had problems with the back deteriorating meaning the shoe rocks backward as you are lifting. Shoes that rock backward are not great when you are in a full squat with 100+ overhead. I pretty much destoryed the back of mine in about 6 months, if I put them on a flat surface and pushed with a finger through the heel, the front of the shoe would come up a good 2cm, the rounding off was visible. That said, you aren't going to be doing heavy squatting everyday or slamming your foot onto a hard surface, but make sure you keep walking in them to a minimum. Pretty much any adidas with that heel and bottom design has ended up being destroyed by any serious lifter. That goes for these, the Adistars, as well as the Ironwork III's. The white Adistar II's have turned out to be absolutely amazing with a much older sole and bottom design. If the weardown becomes problematic, as I have no doubt it will, take it to your local shoe repair and see if they can remove the sole and put on a harder rubber. If however you also compress the wooden heel... bad luck. But sans you going fully into weightlifting I don't see this happening. Enjoy the new found freedom of rock bottom squats and snappy Oly lifts, a wise investment. good luck.
  13. Viking strong man meet Adelaide

    Ben, Firas here, I am absolutely gutted I wasn't allowed to come. I would have preffered doing this than the dismal lifts I was doing that Saturday. I will try my hardest to make sure I come out to the next one. Casey looks far too comfortable, I think he needs a bit of pushing. Dan hasn't stopped taalking about how great and organised the set up was, you certainly have a very proffessional competition going, and I look forward to joining in next time.
  14. Central nervous system

    Pretty much. I squat heavy 6+ times a week... all you have to do is work up to it and eat.
  15. What gym you working out at?

    On a basket ball court with 3 homemade platforms and mats. We're hardcore.