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  1. cheers mate. although wouldn't nissan be as expensive as racv, if not more. might go with above company i mentioned. they drive to the seller and do it there. i'm so buying myself for xmas a compression testing tool
  2. RACV is too expensive to not include the compression test, furthermore, they cheek pretty much everything I can but not the cyl pressure. I just don't have a compression test tool, and the seller will not allow just any mechanic shop to do it. Well... Found one, State Roads. How come one one recommended them... anyway, more company suggestion welcome
  3. A reputable one as the seller doesn't like leaving his car. He think RACV will take care of his car, so he's okay with it. So I need some one like them, but that does a compression test. And not just any workshop knows how to deal with turbo S14, nor will they know what too look for apart from that I tell them. RACV cheeks a shitload of other things, but lacks the compression test, and $367 is way over priced.
  4. RACV doesn't do compression test anymore as part of their comprencensive inspection when buying a car. So, is there a company that does simmiler test and that includes a compression test, need it for Caulfield area (Melb) Cheers ~edit~ a reputable company (has a few locations, worldwide, or Melbourne wide) in dealing with turbo S14, not a business (single workshop).
  5. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    Hay mate, rad car! Think a billion people have asked you already, has your car been engineered? Or is just kept of the roads? It's coz I'm going about modding my self, but I'm getting stumped by the vic hand of law Trying to suss it out before I dig too deep.
  6. sr20 red or black which takes more drift abuse

    vct can give you more down low and better on petrol
  7. What would it take for a 180 to beat a r33/r34

    i dont own a 180, i have a r33. that's why i asked on ns.com Just simply wanted to know if the 180sx can actually go down quicker with light mods over a stock-ish r33, as i dont know anyone with a 180, (refer to mods and variable above, and any not mentioned should be taken for granted) I assumed since so many act as they know what they are talking about with such expressions as that they can put their brain in the vicinity of their head and know that "i/c" stands for intercooler, "tbe" stands for turbo back exhaust, etc... Or at least use Google to understand what I wrote. But I guess that comes with asking such a clueless questions on my behalf. My bad, I lack the knowledge. Cheers for sharing.
  8. What would it take for a 180 to beat a r33/r34

    21, but fair enough, i guess the people on this site arent very help full no matter what the question is.
  9. I pulled up to a 180sx the other day, and it pi**ed me off how quick he went against me. Scenario 1 - normal day Car 1 - Say 180sx + usual mods of i/c, tbe, hd clutch, 225/35 17 on rear + okay driver & okay traction Car 2 - Stock r34 225/35 17 on rear + okay driver & okay traction Who makes the 60ft first, who clicks 100km/h first? and by how much... Scenario 2 - another normal day What would it take for a 180sx to beat a r34 that has the usual mods of i/c, tbe, hd clutch, 235/35 17 on rear + okay driver & okay traction? When I say beat, I mean finish first to say 100km/h AND/OR 60ft - state which your referring to. Would the 180 be looking for a 4.5k spool laggy turbo, pump and remapped etc? Or is just 195rwkws enough for a 180sx? Cheers, don't flame me.
  10. s13 offset, quick qustion

    Alright, thanks ppl.
  11. s13 offset, quick qustion

    40! That's even more hurtful, should have payed attention to this earlier...
  12. s13 offset, quick qustion

    I thought it was +30... Damt, I'm off, not by much thought. But, if the rim was 6" widen it should have had +30 right? ^coz I did that.
  13. What's the original offset of the 180? If ya know, also how wide are the original rims are.
  14. Whats a 180 cross with r32 called?

    I been meaning to snap up a 32 rear with 180 front in photoshop, but can't be stuff anymore. lol couldn't find the same angles of the cars
  15. Whats a 180 cross with r32 called?

    If anyone finds a 180sx with the same angles as a r31 - with normal bodykits, like front-to-side view and a rear-to-side view. post em up, I want to do some magic! To see if it'll look right... I will seek for images as well, just can't be bothered atm.