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  1. A beast of an amplifier, able to easily run the most demanding setups. Amp is in excellent/near new condition, setup tuned for SQ. Currently powering two Rockford Fosgates P12 12" subs. Will sell the subs with the AMP for an extra $200. Can show a working demo. Serious buyers only please. Here are the specs. Mono Subwoofer Car Amplifier High Efficiency Digital Circuit Design 1500 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms 2400 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms 1000 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohms CEA-2006 compliant Variable Low-Pass Crossover: 50Hz - 40kHz Signal to Noise Ratio: 82dB Variable Bass EQ: 0 to +12dB, fc=50Hz Variable Subsonic Filter: 5Hz - 30Hz, -24dB/oct. Ultra-Wide Frequency Bandwidth: 5Hz-45kHz for 4ch, 5Hz-400Hz for Mono (+0,-3dB) Price: $400 (Amp only), $600 (including subs) Location: Chadstone Willing to Post: No Contact: 0411335111 - Harry
  2. crazy 180

    ey bro, love the setup, love the subs and the wheels, but i see auto tranny...
  3. Questions for ya’ll audio experts.

    well then, because you wont bite...i'll tell ya what car it is. i got the mazda 6
  4. i want to install a sub and an amp to my car. but i cant take the headunit out as it has the aircon controls integrated in it. it's a complex mess. now the car has 4 speakers. 2 in the front door and 2 in the rear. now if i had to install an amp. i would splice into the rear speaker wires to get a signal outa them and use a hi-low rca converter to go into the amp. 1. is it best to wire the remote on for the amp to the accercory switch or to the antenna. 2. Am i gonna be loosing sound quality from the rear speakers? 3. is it wise to disconnect them. do you even need rear speakers. well thats all help would be appreciated.
  5. A song with gud bass??

    there is this punjabi group called RDB _ (rythm dhol bass) try out their bass test. it's off the scale.
  6. A song with gud bass??

    a few punjabi songs called: Mitro (slow Jam) , furious, Mom Batiye, and Punjabi MC's - Beware of the boys (Moonbootic Remix), oh and takkre
  7. S13 or 180SX Security.

    well i have an old car with a good sound system...which is probably worth more than the car. what i have done is taken the window rollers out...i have one handle for all the windows. i keep the handle in a rip in my seat. fits snug. i figure that if someone wanted to get in my car...they would have to either break the window (in which case the alarm will go off) or open the door (in which case the alarm will also go off). a cpl of my friends car have been broken into by just breaking a corner window then rolling down the bigger window and doing all the stuff without actually opening the car.
  8. Pioneer or Alpine

    about subs and speakers hmmm...i've never really heard JBL speakers or subs....can speak for the amps but.....jbl amps have to be one of the best amps on the market along with alpine's ofcourse.
  9. Pioneer or Alpine

    i personally would go alpine because they are well known for their superior sound quality and excellent build. there are other units with same features availbale for much under the price ure gonna pay for an alpine one but then again you are payin for quality of sound. plus the osd is kikass. u will be happy with an alpine.
  10. 15’s

    oi dr boost what happened to your VL? did ya rite it off farrk man sorry to hear.
  11. 15’s

    hmmm. yeah......3 15's. how da furk are you gonna fit em in ure boot? 15's are a bit extreme esp 3 of them....i would agree with drboost go 2x12's better, clearer, sharper bass....it will be chaper for the subs aswell as the amps because you will need a lower power rating than if you go for the ones needed for 3x15" ***TOP 3 BRANDS OF WOOFERS ARE*** alpine jl audio kicker kicker and jl audio go for about the same price. alpine u mite need some $$$
  12. Best 10’ sub

    yea kicker and jl audio i think comp 10" VR's go abuot 300WRMS......which is hella sick for a 10".

    "ohh and if the box is the wrong size, the worst that can happen is the sub won't perform to its potential." i dont think thats entirely true. if the box is too big say for example cant it wreck the speaker because the woofer has too much air to contend with and hence it pushes the sub that little harder. which may cause some damage to the voice coil. this is my thoughts someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  14. need a 12inc decent sub

    go solobaric kickers L7 12in one is more than 3 ordinary round 12inch subs.

    yes it does. the box volume might not be correct for the sub to perform at it's maximum potential! or it might even wreck the speaker. if ya bought it legit read the technical info about the sub see how much volume it needs and if the audioline box has that much volume available yes u can put it in