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  1. 8 yr old rally driver

    You my friend have got no idea. Ken Block isn't a god of outright car control, but he is a god of rallying. What he's doing for rallying's image and exposure is unprecedented... Facts are: - He's quick, ridiculously quick, and at any national level would be an outright competitor. He's won many Rally America national rallies (including one of them 5 times on the trot... forget which one...) and went close to a championship. - He did spend time in Group N (well, Production GT, Rally America's un-FIA-and-with-good-reason version) before stepping up to the Rally America outright (open) class, which, honestly, aren't a lot slower than some WRC cars. Yes they might still have restrictors, but watch any of the Vermont Sport Car Build videos of the Subaru America Team cars and you can soon see they're very different to any FIA class vehicle... - I think we all know it takes many many attempts at the same scene to nail it, and anyone who's missed the many many skid marks prior to the final version must be a little slow. Fact is he still did it (more than most of us could do) and you're not going to say hollywood actors can't act because it takes a dozen takes on the same scene, it's entertainment and I think most people appreciate it... - The level he's at in the WRC is on a whole different planet, that's fact he's even top 10 is bloody good. We all think the Vilagra's and the Wilson's of the world are slow, or even Raikonen, but they're all VERY capable drivers, who would excel at national level, and Blocks is matching these guys... - He's OLD! We forget that... the guys he's trying to keep up with in the WRC are 2 decades his junior.. Cut the dude a break, he's better than you. Word. Today I went down to my local bakery for lunch, and what did I notice plastered on the window... a picture of a rally car. Yes, it was a promotion for Monster energy drinks. Do I give a ****? No, there was a rally car in the window. To that, I say thanks Ken, keep up the good work! Edit: And i know this thread is 4 months old. It just shits me.
  2. Where can i find the intercooler size, mounting location etc? Im in the process of planning out a very extensive build and the intercooler needs to conform to these reg's. Hence why I need to find out about said intercooler.
  3. Did Nismo or nissan ever make a factory option front mount or bigger side mount intercooler for the S14?
  4. "adelaide touge"

    I know a fair few of the guys. Mild mannered asian uni students with mega bux cars. They either cruise around on the freeway or in the hills at a very very mild speed. Most wouldnt clock the 80km/h speed limit.
  5. So the guy who rolled it...

    S13...? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=130OVZcMEcA
  6. So the guy who rolled it...

    NS cruise do a barrel roll
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Audio Porn. Audi S1
  8. Jess Coopers 16th

    What state is she from?
  9. WRX v EVO

    If you buy a WRX go for the STI otherwise your wasting your time. I wish i followed that advice when i got mine..
  10. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Sounds like a decent day fishing. This thread really makes me want to get out and drop a line..
  11. Jess Coopers 16th

    Id like to know how many people are still going to rock up.

    kella kella

    show was kinda gay..... but i put my money on the guy in the torana being the police infomant.
  14. OBAN-at night!

    yea i max screwed that , didnt even think to cheak it. ma bad but yea cheak it out but dont expect to be amased by anything