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  1. Hey mate, Try cutting out gluten/wheat for a couple of weeks. I was really bad with bloating for ages but did that also switched to soy milk and had a better time. In addition, try Humapro instead of your normal protein, it's good stuff and doesn't mess up your guts, I also use con-cret creatine as it doesn't bloat either. Just my 2c but it worked for me.
  2. Warhammer

    Ladies & gents, (well mostly gents), One of my mates just obtained a website for the Warhammer junkies... Have a look, there are good prices etc: My link Have a look... And yes, I am a nerd, but your mum still loves me.
  3. V8 update

    New toy = MY08.5 Calais V With much fruit. Sean... Don't make me make you as unconcious as Dom did
  4. V8 update

    Greggy... 8 years and you still have never driven a project Get the N/A stuff on nd f**king drive it, or just pay someone to finish it. And no, the 1j didn't count because you were running 7psi.
  5. Gridiron ACT

    Good to see some interest - It's a great sport, and the league is full of people that are willing to help rookies get a chance. I think the Firebirds are in a good form to win again this year, though think that we should give them a run for their money if our rookies come good. Next year will be the year the Astro's retake their rightful position at the top. The Astro's are a team that a fair few players are defecting to because of our attitude - We have several of the best players in the league, though we don't take ourselves too seriously. We train hard, play hard and goof around with the same intensity
  6. Gridiron ACT

    Good to see you updated your post AkEr, you had their championship tally a little low - Shawn would be p!ssed Should be a good comp this year, we have a lot of rookies on our team though they seem to be coming good. cafc 86 - What's your first name?
  7. Gridiron ACT

    Gents, My local gridiron team need more players and most of you need to get out of the house more... It doesn't matter if you are tall & lanky or short & fat - There are positions for all. PM me and I'll bring you to a Monday or Wednesday training near Woden. Website: www.astrosgridiron.com
  8. V8 update

    Lol Greggy, don't tell me you might actually finish one of your projects... If anyone actually had, you (Vnts might not have had to come with me to my wedding in V8 Holdens... Or maybe that's what gave you the idea.
  9. Weekly meets

    corrected Lol, no one else seemed to notice that subtle change... Luv ya Sol. Now in bold for the less gifted.
  10. twin turbo 1UZ

    Greggy... I take some time off from the forum and you get straight back into the old stuff. You will be broke and pulling your hair out again, this time for longer. Stick to a standard conversion or buy a Vespa... After all the Vespa will get more speed than your conversion - judging by your track record of actually finishing cars. Luv ya, but you're a fool.
  11. Spark Plugs - What do you guys recommend?

    Fark, I leave you kuntz for 6 months and you still keep on with this sh!7... That's why I love you guys, always consistant... Just like going to Greg's mum for a root, kinda comfortable to be somewhere you know well.
  12. Good places to get a LPG tune in canberra?

    He's got my car at the moment, tell him Benn sent you. He is V busy though. booked till September for conversions
  13. Good places to get a LPG tune in canberra?

    Definately go to Ace Gas Conversions in Quenabeyan, speak to Tony... Absolute top bloke, he set up a gas injection kit on my Holden Wagon and has been awesome to deal with.
  14. Hats off!

    Better not be my old baby Although she'd probably prefer to be dead than keep looking like her new owner made her
  15. My new car...

    Lol, Quick recap on this thread: "Hi, I bought a Supra and feel like I got ripped off" "Tai rocks" "I agree" "Second that" "Third that" "J Racing suck" "I agree" "Second that"