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  1. Sil80 1989

    won't let me edit so my number is... 0438 839 666
  2. Sil80 1989

    I have a SIL80 1989 with CA18DET. Currently has a seeping head gasket, typical CA problem. Engine was replaced some time ago with genuine low Km import. Current set up is with: GT2867RS (Disco) GTR Injectors Bosch 040 pump Haltech Sports 1000 6 Boost manifold Sard Fuel Regulator Predator Intercooler and Radiator + Thermal Fan Tien Coilovers Front and rear brace Gauges installed Eboost Street Boost Control Plus other spare parts listed: R33 Brake upgrade 2 x Gearboxes one recond Drive shafts One complete enginge One bottom Block Custom Plenum Creations Plenum with 3 inch TB Tommie Pon Cams (brand new in box) CAS (brand new in box) 4 x Ignition Coils (brand new in box) 3 Cylinder heads one recond Spare headlights, tail lights and indicators All the factory parts to build standard car Boxes of stuff from ecu’s to wiring, water pumps and some gaskets Standard Turbos and Manifolds Auto Trans Probably missed plenty of stuff. Has 3 months Rego with custom plates for a year. Car was making a bit over 200HP at the wheels. Paints a bit rough body straight, but yeah have paint too. All parts put on the car are near new I have had it since 2004 and just hardly driven it. Looking for about $10500 the lot. Not interested in separating anything it either all goes or all stays with me.
  3. Would you take $150 for the rear wing?
  4. Wrecking SR20 DET 180sx

    looking for hatch with spoiler, do you have?
  5. Sold

    These came off my 94 soarer, great handling, firm ride, had these on while doing my track days at Mallala and Philip island. these were specially made for me, as hard to get at that time. Back to stock now, so these for sale, can do local delivery in Adelaide. no C spanners, no damage, sold as seen. ship interstate at buyers expense, but prefer local SA. 0438 839 666 $400 ono cheers.
  6. Good/Bad Buyers/Sellers Thread!

    hoyin3132 agrees to sell me a ca engine for recon, slow responce then said can only pick up in working hours... I work so that was not going to happen anyway he ended up selling to someone else.. U get that i guess.
  7. Taking mine this year, looks pretty rough but it’s what’s underneath that counts lol.
  8. Ca gearbox

    I think CA selectors are stronger than SR anyway.
  9. Tien SS

    Thanks guys, It's a cusco strut brace it runs along the fire wall. So I think they are in the right way. I was thinking maybe I put them in 180 degrees out or wrong way around?
  10. Tien SS

    ok thanks.
  11. Tien SS

    Yes, I have attached picture. Thanks...
  12. Tien SS

    S13 Front - 1.5 Rear - 1.0 Adjustable camber tops yes I installed them (yes could be the problem) Clevis? not really sure on this I will google. This is for traction set up.
  13. Tien SS

    Hi people, I had my Tein SS fitted yesterday. I got them to put in minus 1.5 degrees camber on the front and the guy said that was the most he could adjust them to. So I'm wondering is that correct or should you get more than that? I did search and it seems some people got up to minus 3 degrees.
  14. Suspension question

    Correct me if I’m wrong but you require a certain amount of sag in your spring. My experience with motor cycles is that you need to maintain certain measured sag so the shock can float both ways then adjust your damper to control the speed. So if you wind your spring up to much you will actually prevent your shock from working properly and in effect make your handling worse. To get the desired spring tension I assume you change the spring rate with minor adjustment made with spring tension to get the sag correct. I’m no expert as I only have just got my first pair of coilovers but the travel is pre set into the shocker so changing damper setting won’t change the fact that the wheels lift from the ground.
  15. Drift tek wheels with coilovers

    Thanks mate, Yeah just standard offsets for drifteks as far as i know. cool i cant go super low as i got a prick of a driveway.