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  1. New training log for 2012

    This place is dead. Now squatting 210, benching 117.5 and deadlifting 222.5. GPC nats in 4 weeks yay
  2. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    I don't mean to be rude, but after 5 years you should be deadlifting a whole lot more than 150kg at 85kg. Something is lacking, and i'm telling you now it's not genetics, either your training, diet or recovery needs work.
  3. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Squat more, stop deadlifting and do stiff leg deadlifts and deficit deadlifts. You shouldn't plateau at 150kg, there is a weakness somewhere that needs to be fixed. Post up a video.
  4. New training log for 2012

    Good to see this place is still cranking . Next comp is GPC states, doing equipped bench only and 3 lift powerlifting. Anybody still around?
  5. New training log for 2012

    Been a while since i posted here. Here are my last 4 sessions; bw; 77.65 Felt terrible today, still sick and got about 5 hours sleep last night, but wow what a session. Squats, no belt no wraps no spotter. 60*15 100*10 120*7 130*3 140*3 150*1 155*1 Double bodyweight and a 5kg pb 160*1 2.06* bw and a 10kg pb Left it there, best i've squatted in ages, shoulders are allowing me to get the bar lower on my back. None of the reps were grinders, 165/167.5 100% raw after the ProRaw qualifier. CG bench 60*10 80*3 90*3 100*1 105*1 110*1 (5kg cg bp) db row 37.5*5 37.5*5 37.5*5 37.5*5 37.5*5 Dips 10kg*7 10kg*6 Squats 75*5 90*5 105*3*3 120*2 120*2 120*2 125*2 125*2 Added 5kg to the last 2 sets as they were too easy. Bench 62.5*5 75*2*3 85*4*4 CG Bench 60*10 65*10 Front squat 70*2*3 85*2*3 90*4*2 Session felt good. CG bench s/s db row db row; 35*3*8 CG bench 40*20 60*10 80*8 90*5 100*1,2,2,2 bb row s/s db oh press 60*10/20*8 70*8/20*6 75*6/20*6 85*6/20*6 Chins s/s dips 3/6 3/6 Shattered, done in 40 minutes. Was meant to do sheiko week 2 day 1 then i got out of bed and realised there was no way i was doing a double squat session lol. Also wore a singlet to the gym and will never do it again. Comp grip paused bench 1*5*53 1*5*63.5 1*4*75 2*3*80 2*2*85 2*3880 1*4*75 1*6*62.5 1*8*52.5 Added 95*1 100*1 102.5*1 DB Bench 20*5*10 Squats 1*5*75 2*4*90 2*3*105 5*3*115 Good morning 60*5*5 Competing on the 10th of Feb, hoping to go; 170/185/195 or 200 depending on how i feel, 105-110-115 and 210-220-225 @ 75kg.
  6. Well, the pics of the day thread died quickly and suddenly!
  7. New training log for 2012

    Todays session; 78.1kg clothed and shoes Dips bw*10 bw*10 +5kg * 7 +10kg*8 Deadlifts Was supposed to do PPP week 4 but made up my own. 165*5 (top set from PPP) 170*4 180*2 185*1 190*1 - 5kg PR 195*1 - 10kg PR 200*1 - 15kg PR Happy with that, that is what i set this PPP cycle at with the shitty gym bar and no belt, will reset the PPP at 215 and start it at week 5. Get around 20-25kg with the texas bar and belt, gym bars are stupidly stiff and bent. Paused bench squats 60*410 80*10 100*5 120*2 130*2 135*2 140*2 145*2 150*1,1,1,1,1,1 incline db press 20*10 25*7 27.5*5 Chins 7 6 4 Shrugs 80*20 70*15 80*15 90*15 Db hammer curls 12.5*10,10,10,8,5
  8. New training log for 2012

    Todays session; Bw;80.8 fully clothed and shoes Bench 87.5*1 92.5*1 102.5*3 (this was hard) 95*3 90*5 DB oh press 12.5*10 15*9 17.5*8 20*7 20*5 Had to run off to work. Felt weak and slow, got back from holidays on Sunday, massive 1000Ha fire burning out of control so spend 13 hours on sunday and 13 hours there on Monday then worked all day Tuesday and today then back out there Thursday and Friday for 13 hour shifts! This should really be my diary
  9. Supplement Reviews

    4 Week intense smolov cycle, squatting 15 times in that time i think, then 1 week of 20 rep squats (3/4 sessions). then 1 week off then comp.
  10. Were you offered counseling afterwards? The first one is always the hardest, and talking is always the best medicine! Funnily enough Kranze, i encountered a car accident and grass fire in the past 2 days, both times plenty of people got out of their cars to help, and not 1 had their phone out.
  11. New training log for 2012

    Todays session CG Bench 60*34498234098234982 70*5 80*5 85*4 90*3 95*3 100*2 105*1 Squat PPP week 3 Did more weight than i was supposd to as i took my ipod and not my phone. 125*5 (HARD) 120*5 115*5 115*5 Shrugs 120*4*10
  12. Supplement Reviews

    I normally don't use supplements of any kind, but this 6 week cycle is brutal and i can't put on anymore weight haha.
  13. ok, lets say its a fatality.the dead body could be in the car thats off the side of the rd and the one blocking traffic the driver got out and is safe. moving that car could of lost valuable evidence. im only speculating here. do what every you feel is the best thing at the time First priority is to make the scene safe, cars lying in the middle of the road are not safe, of course if the police are there and have the traffic blocked then there is no point. The body is cut out of the car relatively quickly anyways.
  14. In your dark world that may be the case, but you don't stop at an accident in which cars are torn in half and there is blood and body parts everywhere to tell your friends about it, most people never recover from seeing things like that.