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  1. EVO IX import.

    yeah mate, you are right i have no idea, im a 16 year old with a 1:16 scale model of an evo that i keep on my desk and wish its the real thing... first, the 9 wagon is still pending on sevs, but a few importers have already sold cars and there are here some in sydney. j spec had a few for sale on their website before. second, that was a two part post, notice the line break in between. i was saying REGULAR evo 9 models might come in eventually, and a few rs's will be imported as well. there are already quite a few 9 rs models here anyway. now go take a cold shower
  2. your mate put his hand out and said friends? if thats true, hes not a solicitor, hes barely out of pre school
  3. Your latest mod? Whats new?

    installing this at the moment full blown double pumper fuel pump hanger plus another wullah bro 255 fuel pump so i now have 2 + fic blue max 1450cc injectors + fuel lab e85 compatible fuel reg kit = epic fuel supply haha and also of course 10cm housing for the t67 finally. wsid next wednesday
  4. My IX

    from experience, it will run richer with the walbro
  5. My IX

    car will probably be running even richer now with the walbro should tune it
  6. evo 9

    400awkw is a lot more, gt42 or gt47 turbo or something no point for that drivetrain and gearbox will handle it for a while if ur nice to it the injectors are fic blue max's, no surge tank, twin fuel pump setup
  7. evo 9

    unfortunately when we kept tuning we realised it was running out of fuel at that boost had to turn it down to 22psi and it was still borderline! goodbye 1000cc injectors hello 1450cc injectors plus fuel lab fuel regulator kit full blown double pumper fuel pump kit extra wullah bro fuel pump and finally 10cm housing for the t67 if i dont crack at least 320awkw, ill cry hoping the last parts arrive by friday so i can tune this weekend!, might even run higher than 30psi, its built for it
  8. I need an engine / advice

    you can build 93s strong, but its a lot easier to start off with a 63 already the 63 is a much better base to build off. find a vr4 motor and chuck it in
  9. he probably saw your avatar and drove into a car in disgust
  10. you only see the s15 for a second parked on the street though
  11. order fee for full custom plates has gone up too but yearly is down mostly silvers used to be 500 now they are 440
  12. dont remember doing this? but i wouldnt put it past me haha unfortunately i have some business to attend to so i wont be able to attend. by business i mean im going to america next week to watch the last 2 nba games of the season and hang out in l.a. hahahaha
  13. watched the movie last night pretty good
  14. Cane Fed EVO

    been sugar cane fed for about 2500 k's now can run 6 degrees more timing after 6psi more boost at top end ran out of fuel though so waiting for my 1450ccs to arrive before i push it more
  15. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a damn nice blue 180 near the eastern distributor entrance yesterday, had a hardtuned sticker so im guessing its someone off here?