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  1. It's that time again. The 3rd annual PRE-POWERCRUISE dyno day will be held Saturday the 18th of February Will kick off at 8:30am at 4b ACTION Mitchell st Cardiff. Come down and run your car so you know every thing is running sweet before you flog the car for 3 days at the big event. Or just come down to see what other cars make Categories 4 cyl N/A - 4 cyl forced 6 cyl N/A - 6 cyl forced 8 cyl N/A - 8 cyl forced FWD HP per litre Highest HP overall Encouragement award The dyno is a DYNO DYNAMIC 2WD dyno ( sorry all you AWD people) There will be a trade stands from AUTOBAHN with all your performance parts and car care specials for sale, and a BBQ going all day. Price is $60 for 3 power run and a print out of hp,kw,AFR,boost etc and a free sausage sizzle and can of drink Please check your water and oil levels are topped up before your car gets run up Hope to see every one there Link to Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/events/325744700793397/
  2. Yer injectors are maxed out that's for sure. Trying to find the right size ID1000 that will fit so I can go E85 You can get 300 out of the stock AFM. Most keep it so you retain the air temp sensor
  3. Full zorst, fmic, gcg highflow and safc did 245 kw in a auto on stock ecu,fuel pump, injectors. Put power fc in and did f**k all. Manifold and rear housing won't flow any more
  4. So got a PFC for the chaser and the power fc now controls the auto box. It's less then satisfactory to drive ATM. Has any one got the auto Toyota box tuned with any ecu and if so where in nsw did it. I can only change a few settings on the hand controller, most things you need a lap top to change them Any info would be tops.
  5. I'll need you to plug the lap top in so I can tune the auto box
  6. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    f**k thats a this go man. seb was telling me last night about it well its tomorro boys and girls hope to see every one there
  7. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    you dont want semis on the dyno groz. will get chewed up
  8. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    with ^^^ just over a week to go guys. cant wait
  9. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    thats a shit go man. i wasnted to check the e8 out
  10. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    there is enough of them around to have one. i think they might all be broken lol if you can get a few cars together then we will run one. let me know
  11. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    lol there will be a few cars fighting for that one my friend lol
  12. been a while

    lol yer man i live on cherry rd. was setting the eboost Ah right, my parents have just moved there. Their next door neighbour is a policeman so be carefull oohh yer. there is cops every where around my place. its shit lol hey josh how are ya. i see you have a new car as well. looks good. yer im happy with mine, so nice to drive and smooth. still got the pulsar. its getting rebuilt again but we have gone to town on it this time lol u know i love skidz groz. just wait till powercruise lol
  13. been a while

    lol yer man i live on cherry rd. was setting the eboost
  14. 2nd annual pre-powercruise dyno day

    when is it going in?