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  1. Interested in the blue lug nuts for my zed. Have you got there in stock and what size thread do I need for a 350z??? I'm located in Melbourne can I pick up. Let me know. Thanks alan
  2. I need achilles 255/35/19 x2 and 275/35/19 x2. Post to 3034 melbourne. Thanks
  3. Will these fit brembo brake on Set 2 and set 3 How much dish for front and rear???
  4. Hey whyte I finally got someone to fit the front and rear bar at a pretty high price but while fitting the kit the side skirt wasn't even for the car. This is making things worst. So over it now. Being talk to Shawn for a refund.
  5. t25 push out 250kw?

    There is no wat it can push 250kw ate. I had a S14 with hks gtss turbo, basic bolt on and pushed a comfortable 230kw atw. Could have does more but didn't wanna blow the internal....
  6. @JZX MARKII how did you contact fair trading. I wanna contact them too. My car is just sitting there now coz I don't have a front bar. Wanna get my money back.
  7. Hi guys I was the one that started this post and wanna see if anyone has fitted the kits yet. I bought my 350z kit out strictly Jdm and 4 panel beaters refuse to even try put the kit on because of the condition of the kit. So pissed off. Waited 6 month for the kit and now I can't do anything with it. Trying to contact them to get my money back. This is ridiculous.....
  8. I got my full Bodykit and fenders. It's in really bad condition. Fenders have crackers on the edges. Front and rear bar has smaller cracks. It's going to cost me $350 just to fixes it. Never again am I buying off these guys again. I want to post the pic up but I'm using my iPhone so can't ATM. Will show you all how bad condition it is.
  9. Still haven't got the kit yet. Can't believe it. I've have message them and still nothing. OMG!!!!!
  10. They told me the kit is here. Spoke to David three days ago. Hopefully it will fit easy.
  11. Very tempting. Are you planning to start a group buy anytime soon. I'm sure alot guys here is very interested. Also if I want them in white I'm guessing it will be $300 more????
  12. Is the blue 350z yours coz I have the same colour and wanna know what offset and size you running. I'm very interested in the ES 2.2.2. I see there is a lip on them so is the front and rear different lip size. Also have you got them in stock. Thanks alan
  13. I put a deposit on a 350z bodykit for like 5 months now. The sponsor now wants the full payment but I wanna know Has anyone paid for the full thing or has anyone bought an item Off these guys before. It's taking taken a long time....
  14. i have look at the other posts and it doesnt really answer what i wanna know. so is it that i need the pac converter to make it easier for installing or do i need it cause the ohms on the amp is different. i was told i need the pac converter ROEM-NIS2. has anyone actually bought one and has installed it also will all the specker work plus factory sub... im installing a pioneer dvd in the zed thanks zed buddys