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  1. United Australian Party

    Is anyone else slightly annoyed by the ads saying things like Labor and Liberal are the same and controlled by lobbyists and that's why you should vote for Clive Palmer and the UAP? Seems a slightly weird line to run considering Clive Palmer is pretty much a lobbyist and has been involved in lobbying the LNP for a long period of time and started the UAP mostly because he wasn't happy with the direction the LNP was heading and that they weren't listening to his input/efforts to lobby them. I'm really not entirely sure who to vote for either though because I don't like the direction the LNP plans to take the country and their policies (the few that have been presented so far) aren't particularly good however the Labor party even though I prefer their policies doesn't seem capable of logically and effectively implementing these policies. It's basically a choice of one group being able to more effectively (not entirely sure the LNP will be that great) head our country in a bad direction or a better direction but incompetent management. Also the LNP claims that Labor is stupid for getting less money than was predicted don't make any sense because those figures are independent of political parties and come from the treasury department and it's largely natural variability and inaccuracy of predictions that they got less than was predicted and the LNP under Howard got more than was predicted rather than anything specific either party has done. They're all pretty shit really
  2. To be honest I have no problem with this. The property market is overblown and like everything else in Australia is overpriced. I'm amazed it's made it this far. Where the f**k did the baby boomers generation think this was going to go when they were all buying houses for cheap and then selling them for way more later. That somehow eventually the next generations were going to come along and pay triple the amounts they paid. We are paying a 100 percent increase on what houses were in the 1970s and 80s when adjusted for increased quality of housing, changes in the consumer prices and economic growth. For most of the members here our parents and their generation f**ked it all up and tried to make shitloads of money by overvaluing houses and now everyone gets all whiny and cracks the shits when it turns out that property isn't worth that much because the only ones who can afford it are the generation that made money by overvaluing it.
  3. i completely agree with imports13. anyone that does commit suicide never thinks through the full implications of their own actions, (as above with two young daughters walking in on that shit) therefor i think its the shit/coward option. feeling like following through with it? or know someone that does. talk to them about it. thats my opinion. dont like it. deal with it. Well no shit they didnt think it through. No one here is saying suicide is a good idea (euthanasia is a whole other issue). The problem is that in the vast majority of cases people who attempt and/or complete suicide have a mental illness. Its an illness so making judgements about the thinking and logical reasoning of someone who has a mental illness is like making judgements about the walking abilities of someone in a wheelchair. Its also not empowering and most people who attempt but dont complete suicide are later glad to be alive. People often dont actually want to die either but they see suicide as the only way to fix their problem. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem but stop making judgements about the thinking patterns of someone who has an illness that effects their thinking patterns.
  4. Is it just me or is it slightly weird that on one hand ns can be highly involved in movember and caring about mental health, beyond blue etc. and then on the other hand people come out with just some blatantly ignorant and to be honest f**ked up shit on here? I understand why shark got a holiday for what he said but the comment he was responding to is the entire problem with mental health. Some f**kwit who doesn't understand mental health makes a judgement call about how suicide works and what it means when someone completes suicide and all of a sudden everyone chimes in with their two cents and the conclusions they have made with their wealth of knowledge and experience in the area. Calling someone selfish or narrow minded or whatever for attempting suicide is such a stupid notion because if you understood anything about mental health you would realise that it's not as if that person is looking at the situation objectively and making a rational decision. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call: Lifeline on 13 11 14 Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978 Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467
  5. What graphics card to buy

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a graphics card to play some more games on steam and stuff. I used to play video games on the pc ages ago but recently I've been more casual playing around on the xbox and what not. I've had a look around at the reviews of graphics cards and the AMD Radeon HD 7 and 6 series seem to be the go but I basically have no idea what sort of level of card I need. My desktop is fairly standard but not too shabby and meets the requirements for games in most areas except for the graphics card. I want to be able to play FPS and bits of everything. Doesn't need to be top of the line quality graphics or anything but I don't want it to be obsolete in a month and I'd like it to run most games in high quality. Willing to spend a couple hundred bucks on the card. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps out.
  6. Controversial Topic Thread

    Also relevant re white women:
  7. things that annoy you

    Exactly, young white females always get more news coverage when they are in trouble/missing/dead. This is pretty much how it goes down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeCMCJc5-jg
  8. To be honest.. I do think I'm somewhat superior to theists. The entire notion that you believe in something without evidence is f**king absurd. I'm not saying that I'm sure there isn't a god however at this current point in time there is no evidence that there is so therefore the logical position is to not believe in god. I also don't know for sure how the universe started but just because I don't know doesn't mean that I default to what people thought over 1000 years ago. Religion isn't scientific because modern science wasn't around then. Humans didn't know how to explain things so they went with "god did it" now we have science to explain things and it's a better system even if it doesn't currently have all the answers. Belief in a god is not necessarily an irrational decision but belief in any of the formal religions which have many aspects that are full of shit is completely irrational. I'm not familiar enough with Islam to know which aspects have since been proven to be bullshit but anyone who thinks that Noah got all the animals on to one boat and somehow the lions didn't kill the gazelle and the polar bears didn't die of heat stroke is a f**king moron and deserves to be ridiculed.
  9. Yeah I'm also possibly keen pending pricing etc. Been meaning to get some for a while but have been lazy.
  10. No I mean compassion in that we should always desire to help others. It may not always be feasible to help others but people should come from a good place and with good intentions when they approach these issues. I do agree with your last post though and that level and quality of discussion is all I was trying to encourage with my post. People who are too far left and want to let everyone in without any thought of the repercussions aren't being logical in their discussions and those who want to sink the boats because f**k anyone else are being ridiculous as well. For most people who are more moderate then it can be discussed maturely and with a look to solutions that are in the best interests of both Australia and refugees. I just wanted the quality of discussion to be lifted and move away from left vs right wing back and forth arguments.
  11. Okay so racism was a poor choice of word but you all knew what I meant. I'm not saying that any of you specifically are like that I'm saying that you need to separate the arguments between not wanting people to come here and not wanting people to die at sea because they are two separate issues. Issues to do with cultural assimilation and refugees taking up gainful employment once they get to Australia are difficult as there are problems to do with education and training to make not only refugees but also long term unemployed more suitable for employment. There is also a great deal of debate about how best to integrate groups into society and how much original culture is actually able to be maintained without causing conflict within society. My only real objection is that the rhetoric is so negative and there is such a lack of compassion shown towards others. If you have a well-researched opinion about this then that's fine but think about where you are coming from.
  12. Chappy you are right about the real issue here being the people dying but the problem is that the manner in which you and many others put your argument forward doesn't suggest that you really give a shit about that. It's a highly complex issue that I don't know the answer to and to be honest I don't think anyone in this thread does. I can see valid points from both sides but if the reason why you believe we need harsher policy is to save lives then there needs to be some separation between those arguments and the "f**k refugees let all them illegal *milkshakes* drown" crowd. The greenie stance of open the gates and let everyone in isn't viable and any rational person can see that however at least they are placing some value on human life and showing compassion. The issue here is that people are drowning at sea and that needs to be stopped by removing the incentives to make that risky journey but the reasoning needs to be to save and improve the quality of peoples lives and it is difficult to put forward that argument when many of the opinions shown in this thread scream uneducated racist. tl:dr if the reason you believe in stopping the boats is because you care about those dying at sea stop sounding like a racist *milkshake* the rest of the time and people will find it easier to agree with you
  13. Organ Donors

    Wow, that's a very interesting point and may serve as a good push to get more people to consider donating their organs once they've passed! More to the the point I think that if you say yes to being an organ donor and are in a situation where your organs can be taken and your parents/partner etc. decide that they don't want your organs to be donated then they should lose the right to receive an organ should they need it. To be honest that whole notion f**ks me off a great deal. It gives highly emotional and irrational people the power to make a decision that effects other peoples lives and often due to the shock of losing someone they love they get all "omg nooo u cant take his/her organs" or they think ohh they wouldn't really want to give their organs if they had thought about it. It defeats the purpose of choosing to be an organ donor if you don't even get the final say.
  14. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    The biggest problem with centrelink is that they don't really do anything about making people who aren't appropriate for jobs more suited to them. I have a mate who was on centrelink for a fair while after he lost his second year apprenticeship and had a couple jobs here and there that centrelink organised but most were only contract work for companies that needed workers temporarily. He wanted to study design or digital media at tafe and/or get his security license the whole time but centrelink wouldn't cover them and he couldn't afford it. Lots of other people I'm sure are in similar situations. If someone doesn't have the skills needed to get a job or has skills in an industry that isn't hiring then they should be trained. Yes it's more expensive short term but it beats having people on the dole for years on end.
  15. Show me your comedians!

    Bill Burr is hilarious and I haven't seen him mentioned in here yet. A couple of his full shows are up on youtube if you look for them. This is one of his good bits: