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  1. Wedz Kranze 17s - $1,100

    Price : $1,100 Condition : Used Hey guys, up for sale are my weds. My car is being stripped and I have no need for them. Specs are F: 17x9 +5 R: R: 17x10 +22 Current tyres are KU36 fronts and federal 595ss rear both with good tread, photos are attached so you can make your own judgement on the tyres. I made them fit under my standard guards with abit of work. With smaller profile and stretched tyres they would be shit hot. Centres are included in the sale and are also in good condition. Contact Matt on 0431871886 Located 12ks north of the city.
  2. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Hey guys up for sale are some of the wheels I have forgotten I had collected. First of all; Wheels off my daily: Weds Kranze 5x114.3 Offset and sizes unknown, I have tried to look them up but with NS.com constantly losing data I cant find anything from the forsale add or the members ride section. photos to show fitment: Fronts have 215 ku36s and rears 225 federal 595s both front and rear guards have had the pipe treatment, fronts 60-70% rears 40% $1200 WIlling to accept standard 5 stud wheels as part payment as long as they have legal tread. Sparco Meshies 17" 9 hole 4 and 5x114.3 $400 17 inch, offsets and sizes unknown. I will endeavor to find out this weekend. Rays Evolution Meshies. 16inch 4x114.3 Weak offset and sized, good to skid. Roadworthy tires. $200
  3. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Queue me up as well, incase a second pulls out, will be bringing a passenger if i come. Cheers Anthony.
  4. Daily 180

    Run in is done, its using some oil but its nothing to worry about, look at cams and 3071r or precision equivalent at some stage this year.
  5. f**k yeah. Its gotten to the point now where I complain if I even have to whip out the stick. i was on a big project and just before i got laid of i had no work to do what so ever for about a month straight, i basically got to work had pre-start then after that i went and hide in side the turbine intake duct ( i was working on a gas fire turbine power station ) use to play on my phone all day and i had to start bringing my charger to work with me to charge my phone because it dead my lunch break Its good like that, if there is a crane on site its all hands on deck, aside from that we all just piss around. I wouldnt go back into the workshop for anything.
  6. f**k yeah. Its gotten to the point now where I complain if I even have to whip out the stick.
  7. Structural steel, I spend my days modifying and installing mostly these days. I find site more enjoyable as the workshop that I am based in is too rush rush/rough for my liking and fabricating structural steel is such an easy facet or boilermaking.
  8. Daily 180

    Received the car back from ECC yesterday and took it for its first drive in 9 months up mount mee. Im now 1/5th of the way through the run in. I cant wait to take it back for a power run. New mounts feel awesome, new clutch is easy to launch. No leaks to worry about, no overheating or strange noises, Im pretty happy. New wheels also: Just gotta grab some ku36s for the fronts and ill mount them up.
  9. Daily 180

    As of today; Engine, radiator, air con, front mount are in. New mounts for FMIC welded in, modified top radiator mounts to pull it closer to the support and stop the clutch fan fouling on the shroud. AFM, turbo snorkel etc in Alternator, starter motor, injector, CAS etc loom all sorted including small loom tuck under inlet mani. Gk teck steering rack spacer in.
  10. Why not just mig it man? Isnt the tigging doing your head in?
  11. Daily 180

  12. Daily 180

    Ordered new inlet plenum coolant lines and belts for the motor today. Finalizing the engine assembly this weekend. Might even get the motor back in.
  13. Daily 180

    Some pics z32s with fresh coilovers Test fitting my brothers semis for the lakeside day Unfortunately they didnt all fit New donk New clutch
  14. Daily 180

    After trying out lakeside growing bored of the car I decided I wanted more power so I purchased, injectors, powerfc, z32 and began installing them. After being supplied the incorrect injectors by CJ motor and flooding my motor numerous times I upgraded again to nismo 740s. When flooding it I unknowingly filled the FMIC with petrol and consequently had endless trouble starting it culminating in hydraulic locking cylinder 4. Fast forward to now. Picked up a fresh forged motor and Im slowing peicing it all back together. Also upgraded to isc coilovers, 5 stud conversion w/ z32 fronts and s14 rears. And put in a hdi EBC
  15. Hdi EBC

    I have one, holds boost like a champ, the guage is cool, install is easy and it can be had for cheap as f**k new off ebay. Whats not to like?