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  1. R34 GTR vs V8 Supercar!?!?

    It would be like comparing a bosnian to a serb, we all know serbs are superior!!! JK BTW..
  2. R34 GTR vs V8 Supercar!?!?

    Pople are still voting for the GTR..... your thoughts on the subject R34 GTR [ 22 ] [23.66%] V8 SUPERCAR [ 71 ]
  3. Honda Ownership Thread

    I bought my partner an 06 Accord Euro. IMO, fantastic cars, gutsy enough for a 2.4L, superbly finished interior, the creamy leather interior is awesome.... I dont mind letting the Mrs drive the L98 while i take her Euro for a spin.. I did look at the Mazda 6 and the Liberty also, but the Euro won hands down... Only downside is i got her a black one, and they are hard to keep clean..
  4. vegemite

    Vaginamite is f'n awesome. I LOVE VAGINAMITE!! I bet most of the guys here prefer Penis Butter yes?
  5. R34 GTR vs V8 Supercar!?!?

    LMFAO... Good call.. Im amazed no one has replied with "I raced a V8 supercar just yesterday in my stock S14 while i was driving down to Macca's, and i f'n smashed it easy? I swear i wasnt even flooring it"...
  6. Doesnt matter how you put it or what other say, but u young man are an idiot....
  7. Topgear tonight

    The fact that not even the Merc Traction Control can tame this car in awesome...!! Still waiting for the "I prefer my SR20" comments..!! LOL
  8. Zed cars

    I agree, thats why i sold mine. (350z)...
  9. r35 gt-r is eligable under SEVS !

    A twin turbo 350z with a built motor will be cheaper and have the same if not more performance, but not the off the line acceleration, and its as luxury... funny thing is.... its also a NISSAN Funny you should say that Cain, on 350z-tech u started a topic stating that you almost got spanked by a Type R Civic, and it wasnt even the current model.. LMFAO!!!! f**k ur 350 must be quick!!!!
  10. Torque of SR20 vs RB20....confusion...

    musicjunkie, your crazy dude!!!
  11. Face off: R35 GT-R vs 997 Turbo!

    I see there are still knobs who thing the R35 is a Skyline....
  12. yeah bro, 320's go hard as ey...
  13. 500hp out of a sr20det or RB26DETT

    Ive said it once, and ill say it again, L20B..
  14. If ur bro is Leb, and he wants to put 24' chromies on it, dump it on its ass with ridiculous camber, install a $9000 stereo, huge cannon exhaust and tell people how it does 12 second quarters, then he's made the right choice..