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  1. I was thinking of replacing my stock steering wheel with a Momo or Nardi. Anyone with experience doing this on a late model Toyota - any tips or things to avoid would be appreciated. Thanks nrand
  2. Yep, I couldn't be happier with the result. Geelong Tune-Up Specialists 13 Dendle Street, Grovedale 3216 P: (03) 5241 6655 M: 0417 317 601 E: geeltune@ncable.net.au Ask for Phil I had mine installed before i went but they had to re-do some of the wiring because i didn't have a soldering iron. Cost me $250 and took 3-4 hours. Good Luck That's great thanks! I am in Torquay so Grovedale is ideal.
  3. Thanks for the sugestions: The car, a JZX100 is mildly modified. Just a 3" turbo back exhaust with HPI dump, Metalcat, straight through mufflers and a K&N highflow airfilter. I would have asked on the JZX100 forums but as there are fewer than 10 Chasers in Victoria, the odds of finding another one in Geelong approach zero. The setup is similar to the TT Soarer, except with more torque and less body weight.
  4. My car is pretty well high flowed now need to install this and get it tuned. I'm new to turbos generally so looking for Geelong locals who can recommend.
  5. Thanks, I was considering buying one of these MeisterR high power straight pipes for a front pipe, maybe I am better off just having some 4mm flanges welded onto the metalcat straight after the HPI dump. My other concern with the straight pipe was placing the cat too far from the enginer with insufficient heat. http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k47693811 Am I thinking correctly? ps Oliver Finnian Earl Randall is 1 year 2 weeks old - time will fly!
  6. Thanks So from what you are saying, on a turbo charged car anything from the turbo back 2mm should be ok. In my case a JZX100.
  7. The title more or less explains my question. Is the standard 3" stainless stuff they use for custom exhaust heavy enough for the front pipe as well or is there a heavier gauge steel for that??
  8. Thanks for that advice. I did not get a printout from Kamikaze, just a verbal - What sort of money are we looking at for a SAFC? Best types to consider? I also got a quote from your guy in Japan on that front pipe. I'll check with the JZX forum guys to see if others have used this one.
  9. are there any natural properties in there? unless you mean the ceramic blades... is this the sort of pipe your looking for ? i'm not that familiar with the 100 set up. this one is for sale on YahooJP with a by it now price of 20,000 YEN (about AUS $190 or less). here's the link JZX100 pipe YJP if you're interested send the link to http://agent.seaserve.jp/ and ask Hirotake to bid on it for you. I mean like not messing with the internals of the engine, no boost controllers, stock ECU, stock intercoolers - organic Toyota with clean Aussie air - just more flow! ps thanks for the link - I'll give it some thought, I have to put my Metalcat somewhere [within the exhaust] so I was condsidering having the front made from 3" stainless with the Metalat welded in.
  10. Hottest RA28 Celica?

    They are all Toyotas and comparisons will always be made between cars, and thus are fair game. I do actually remember when these Celicas were new, probably the first of the great Toyota design ripoffs of US cars, in this case the Mustang fastback, [compare this with the drift Mustang on the latest 'Fast and furious' episode - see under youtube Fast and furious - Teriyaki boys final scene]. Mustang vs Supra Sorry, but these will never compare with the original Mustang - waste of good Japanese steel. Mind you I don't mind driving around in my mock E39 BMW with a Toyota badge....
  11. Hottest RA28 Celica?

    I have owned a lot of fast cars - the only thing that has ever come close to the stock-for-stock- seat-of-the-pants fun compared to my 98 JZX100 was my 1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertable - 6.55 ltr [400 CI] - in the heady days before catalytic converters. yes I am that old! Certainly quicker than my 64 SS Impala 327 - 3rd quickest overall. No match for a stock GTR or turbo Supra, but then again, this IS a 4 door family mover......
  12. Anyone know the stock part number for the JAX100 intake filter and/or HKS and Apexi hi-flow replacements? There was a thread on this on the JZX forums but I can't wait until the site reappears for this. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks - The quotes I am getting are for turbo back so no issues there. Even before ordering the HPI outlet I was planning to lose the stock cat anyway. I have ordered a new 3" metalcat to be welded into the new piping. I now understand what people mean by these custom exhaust componnents not being cheap. I have spent around 1200 on components alone, i got good deals on the mufflers and saved a bit there. Putting that into perspective, if the custom piping to link everything from the new dump back back costs say 600 more thats still cheaper than getting all imported stuff from Japan. Most Jap cat-back systems that I have seen are at least 1200 delivered, even before you think about cats and front pipes. So I get eveything new for around 1800.
  14. Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by 'denotes your cat'??
  15. Mild or stainless for custom 3"?

    Hey buddy. yeah whats wrong with the JZX100 forums? redirects to some page where it says "this account has been suspended". I havent joined the 100 forums yet as they ask for an ISP email, and I don't want any spam on my actual or work emails so havent joined. Anywho, I have read some of your stuff on the 100 forums and I am soon to be a JZX100 owner from Kamikaze as well. Car is slightly delayed at quarantine/unloading as the boat it came on apparently had 2000 cars on it, so some delays. Should be at the dealership end of this week or early next week. As for exhausts, mine comes with a catback as well but im hoping its a proper oval muffler and quiet, but I doubt it. I like the proper quiet muffler as well, that can only be heard when you really mean business. Stainless exhausts might be lighter, but not sure though. They are louder however, due probably to the smaller pipe sections as compared with mild steel. They apparently last longer although a properly coated mild steel one would last pretty long as well. I'd personally go mild steel system, except for the cat and rear muffler.Might save you a couple of hundred dollars too. Not as blingy, but does the job. Cheers, Loops. Cool, Which Chaser did you order? Mine was as loud as buggery off the boat, my wife only let me buy on the condition I quietened it down, hence mild steel might be the go... I found Kamikaze pretty good so long as I was very specific about what i wanted, and when by, understanding of course that they are in business to make money.... They are enthusiasts mainly and so enjoy good cars. Say G'day to Shui and Jason for me.