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  1. Rockstars L.A.Noire

    EB just messaged me games released tommorow, so it's a day early schweeet
  2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Yep and every single cod released comes with bugs and has issues and needs patches to get it at least half right. ffs Black op was a mess when it came out, still has all that nat shit problems where people need to put in the older versions of the game to open there nat just so they can join and talk to other friends. MW3 will come out half assed buggy and the same shit just different map, they don't need to spend time making the game good because they gottaget ready to start making MW4 which will already sell millions regardless of the game quality. Unfortunately I'll still be getting it because I enjoy having few drinks and having a laugh with mates online and that's always been COD. Hopefully enough people can get into BF3 and make COD realise it's time to lift there game. And if it is released 2 days before BF3 grrrr fkn f**kers
  3. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Update downloaded and installed first go on two different sonys here. There going back online in order America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East, Americas progress is almost finished as per http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/05/14/play-on-%E2%80%93-psn-restoration-begins-now/
  4. LAG! how much do u have?

    lol nisskid, I had a worse setup for awhile like that on the sr when I got defected. Had to put a standard exhaust on the back a built sr with a 3540 .82 with big cams. It would make about 6 psi around 2500 (picked up heap of response lol) then the whole car would choke and power band would die in the ass from then on and it felt like the engine was gonan explode. But as for this 04 thread rock on haha, was a sr 3540 .82 and made 30psi about 5000-5200 Now got a T04z 1.3 something, 16 psi 3000-3200.... on a rotary but lol
  5. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    As a single player game to be honest it's horrible LOL. Could be a good fun multiplayer game but as far as the AI allies go in single player it's a mess, be equivalent of playing COD domination match and vs a team of 8 player where 6 of there dudes guard the one flag main objective and your 7 other dudes think there playing search and destroy walking round no where near objective not helping your team lol. I'm pretty much over it after a day it frustrated me too much haha. I traded both fallouts in +bfbc2 & dragon age 2 and ended up with about $180 credit with there tade 4 games get +30% credit and then a extra 15% trade in credit card I got, was stoked.
  6. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    yeh thats true, will be like Heavy Rain which was similar game. Just take advantage of EB games 7 day return policy if you complete it early or over it use that to your advantage; it's a full refund. Bought Brink on friday (7 days prior to L.A's release, how convenient lol) so thats killing some time till it's release then I'll take brink back say it sucked get L.A then keep that untill trade in time for BF3.
  7. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    L.A Noire comes out this friday, looks to be a good time consuming single player. For people who haven't heard of it and in need of a sony fix check some youtube vids of it out, should buy some time till the networks back up.
  8. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Mutiny Within Anonymous May Have Exposed Hackers’ IP Addresses The loose hacker collective Anonymous may have just become significantly less anonymous. After an apparent mutiny within a sub-group of Anonymous known as AnonOps, a list of IP addresses linked with 653 usernames of the group’s members was posted Monday to sites like Reddit and Anonnews." full story here http://blogs.forbes.com/andygreenberg/2011/05/09/mutiny-within-anonymous-may-have-exposed-hackers-ip-addresses/
  9. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    And some one will counter and say "In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been hit with a plane traveling 500 miles an hour and had its fire proofing removed from its trusses. In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever had its steel columns which hold lateral load sheared off by a 767. In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been a building which had its vertical load bearing columns in its core removed by an airliner. For Building 7, in all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been left for 6-7 hours with its bottom floors on fire with structural damage......... Blah Blah Blah, this thread is just all (circumstantial facts) obviousaly, if anyone had a decent fact this argument wouldn't be going. That's why I like that Pentagon plane crash, there is a solid decent fact out there somewhere; that is if you believe it was staged. Someone find the stupid ass plane.
  10. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Out of curiosity, you people who are certain on the pentagon been attacked by a missile or some shit. Where do you guys reckon the plane and passengers ended up?

    I'd appreciate that flying.... hard enough keeping up with the flow of things in this thread when drinking, without the whole shaving cocks and rolling cars lol, whats the next subject change LOL EDIT: I can't keep up, spectator time.

    :lol: You can't forget that a Panda pisses backwards UP a tree! That's 100points right there... thats not true.... is it? lol kinda... lol They try to get their scent the 'highest' up a tree to impress the ladies... so, its a pissing contest. panda's and humans.. not that much different. I can pee higher! Clearly... Just quoting this for all time sake, don't think I've ever been quoted so much

    that so cute you know the most harmoniously racial creature on the planet? The PANDA ! He's White, Black and Asian.
  14. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    as if he was thrown overboard, that's for his followers to believe (no final place of death or ritual bullshit for retarded followers). wouldn't surprise me if he's locked away still on his way to obama.
  15. Gran Turismo 5

    lol yeh I don't see any car in reality going from 410 km/h to 125km/h in 1 second like at 3.10 hahaha. but f**k, dam that looks fun to drive. quite excited to drive that beast, I loved gt3 (imo best one) then the one they brought out after it or prolouge I dunno I threw it away after 2 weeks I hated it, lost the fast feel. so since then I've never expected much from next one. It's a bit like autosalon, I will go just so I can confirm to myself it's crap so I will get it. but after watching that video, I'm rather excited that does look pretty dam fun