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  1. New Tank Setup

    lol. its like show a grandma a turbo and what she respond would be "what the point of putting that crab " and i remember this, some guy's friend did a burn out, and his dad said "thats going to wear out his tyres..." who doesnt know that.. im a newbie... but some off you are real noobs.... you dont know what you talking bout dont ya... i need to setup the water for a week before the fish going in.. the light just for taking foto.
  2. hi everyone. this is my new toy. just set it up few days now.... waiting to get some fish... does anyone giving away fishes ???? let me know... cheers
  3. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted SNO-15T in m5 tunnel
  4. What front bar is this!

    go for c-west if they have for your car. i love c-west.
  5. some idiot cant drive *enchilada* reversed onto my rear quarter. and ran off. big damage.
  6. that sucks. same here i got some fu^ker reversed onto my rear end last night at star city. big damage, big dent pissed me off i wish i knew who it was......hope they drive themself into a tree... ppl dont respect these day. i never hit anyone's car. if i did i would levave my number at least. and some scumbag stole my sister side mirror... wtf man.
  7. my japan pics

    i like this one...
  8. How to install a kit - 350Z

    old post but like to read it still....
  9. Eye Test

    if u want to learn chinese, u gotta pull your eyes
  10. what were they thinking

    the wheels piss me off..
  11. i got full X force exhaust from dump pipe to the end. now its has mid muffler on it. and it isnt very loud. i dont mind the sound that much should i take the mid muffler off.? with mid muffler or no mid muffler which will give more power ?? thanks
  12. hahaha. if its was me, i would keep it as well.. auction it for $2
  13. some one keyed a penis on my s13

    man.. sorry to hear man... by the way. those are really big ballz
  14. I gots thief problems

    put a small spy cam, wont cost you must. or buy a small webcamera and i give you this software and watch him