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  1. My power steering rack died today so if anyone has one for sale give me a call 0447561893 Cheers Rob
  2. WTB URGENT ! SR S13/S14 BOX

    Have Only found one in the state so far In Laun Cant get until Monday which is very homasexual
  3. Smashed Box this morning on the way to work Need a replacment before Saturday I Want a Mi Mew One tho preferable very good condition Have Cash Waiting Know of someone ? Let them know, Have one ? Call me on the number below !!! 0447561893
  4. DR.DRIFT tunes 2008

    I require a Full Tune Benny for the old girl
  5. LMFAO! Emo forum!

    New one i havnt seen
  6. LMFAO! Emo forum!

    BWAHAHAHAHA hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nRNYG_xM2U Been around for ages but its still funny as hell

    So do we have any idea of entrant numbers yet ??
  8. wtd s13 lights

    Yeah cheers prise i love my new tail lights ... i think they will look better once i have finished the car but very happy ..... oh and got gate ? .... i think i could hear you make it all the way home , was out front with big friggin smile for ages love it mate great car , best of luck with it

    Im coming out for a crack . . . . . oh dear
  10. wtd s13 lights

    I have mako ones in mine . . . . willing to swap anytime you like LOL i love those tail lights haha 0447561893 cheers priso
  11. good clutch?

    i got an exedy 5 puk button off sliding performance cost me $470 is quite firm tho, rated to 350rwkw
  12. SR Parts Needed Urgent In Hobart

    Igniter Pack is found
  13. Hey guys i need a few things urgently to have car running by wednesday , SR20DET Igniter Pack SR20DET Radiator Give us a buzz on 0447561893 Cheers Rob
  14. Powercruise 11 Feb 9 & 10 2008

    I will just check this .... I am definately entering , i have nearly all the bits now but its not together , do i just take a pic of everything and send it in ..... or do a trick looking collage LOL ? Oh and Peggin could you come onto you beloved Toll Shipping and find out where they . . . Lost JDS's 3 Cars cause all the rest of my stuff is in them