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  1. Oh and site looks good, just need to sort out that empty portfolio. Pricing is great!
  2. ^^^ What's with this guy repeating stuff someone said. Did it to me in my for sale... Post count for spam?
  3. Price : $4,050 Condition : Used Selling a set of Ohlins PCV coilovers for S14/S15. As you probably know, these is top of the line suspension, used in the new GTR, exotics like Lamborghini Aventador, etc. I don't think you can get anything better than these. Perfect for track or street. They are in pristine condition, only been on the car for a few thousand kms. No knocks or leaks whatsoever. Any inspections are welcome. Spring rates are F:8kg R:6kg. Adjustable camber tops, spring height, shock stiffness, etc. Comes with C-spanners and original manual. Cheapest i found them was $4,050 on Nengun new. Im asking $1,700 ono Pm me if interested. Cheers!
  4. Price : $6,225 Condition : Used Decided to sell my big front brake upgrade kit. It's a proper Greddy Grex (Alcon) set, not the new Greddy kits that are made on the cheap. It's a complete front S14/S15/R32/R33/Z32/Etc bolt on kit and includes: - Greddy Grex Alcon 4 pot calipers - Greddy 355mm slotted 2-piece rotors - Greddy matching brake pads - Braided brake lines Just to give you an idea of how rare and expensive these are here is today's screenshot of Greenline.jp. They are $6,225 brand new, nearly double of what the newer non-Alcon Greddys cost. I bought them because they are the best of the best, especially for track use. But unfortunately i need cash so these puppies have to go. As you can see from the pics, they are pretty immaculate and only barely been used. Rotors and pads still have plenty of meat on them. Very regretful sale but i need cash and after a quick sale. I'm asking $2,400 ono - SOLD! PM me if interested. Cheers!

    Oh, no way man, it was me in the 'S14A' S14a I saw your S15, it's white with nice offset? Black rims? I just thought it was a random drug test... Wtf, did they defect you at the booze bus?! I must admin i was shitting bricks as soon as i saw your S15, but then i though "no way they'd dick me at the booze bus"...
  6. New Site Layout

    And please don't get rig of the old forum classifieds!
  7. New Site Layout

    Don't really like it just yet... Too much blue on the sides, i think those margins need to be a lot smaller like the old forum (massive turn off for me, that blue just burns my eyes). Oh, and when you're looking through a topic list in a forum section, everything is just white. I think adjacent topics need to be a different shade. Just my 2c.
  8. Just got the car back from mechanic, he couldn't figure it out without pulling it apart... Now it won't go into reverse and sometimes gets stuck in 5th... Wtf? Any ideas guys?
  9. Yeah, ill get that checked out. But what could it possibly be? Why would fluid level go up so much?
  10. Hey everyone. Was wondering if anybody could tell me what the hell is wrong with my clutch/gearbox. Here is what happened: I was driving on a Saturday night, and decided to give it a boot in second. Once maxed out i tried to put it into third but it produced a loud crunch and went into 5th instead somehow. After that i was stuck driving in 5th as i couldn't take the gear stick out of the gear. So when i came to a traffic light, i forced it out into neutral. After that i could only put it into 1st and 2nd... All the other gears were blocked off somehow, just couldn't force it in. It didn't even go close to the 5th/reverse, the stick was stuck on the left side of the neutral. So it was like 1st, neutral, 2nd, so the shifter was only moving in that line Anyhow, after i came home (in 2nd, lol) i turned off the car and went to sleep. Next morning everything was back to normal. I can drive it in every gear, clutch doesn't slip at all, and it seems to be all good. BUT, when the clutch is out it now makes this loud rotating type noise and sometimes sounds like something metal is hitting onto something, as if there is a loose metal chunk near the flywheel. The sound is coming from the front, so must be the clutch area. Sound goes away when the clutch is in... Also, the clutch fluid level is gone up to the cap, way over max! What could this possibly be? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  11. Yeah, that doesn't look like it'll fit S14 Cheers guys!
  12. Awesome, i was hoping that's the case!
  13. Thanks man! Appreciate your advice. Was there anything you need to change, like fittings or anything? Or is it a direct bolt on?
  14. Quick question, coz im a bit confused. Just got R33 GTS-T front calipers to put onto my S14a, but rears are still stock S14a calipers. So im wondering which braided brake lines should i get? Ones for S14a or ones for R33 ??? Any brand suggestions? I was gonna go with HEL lines but maybe there is something better. Cheers guys!