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  1. Nobody does it in Aus, not sure if it's possible at all. You'll easily get up to 200rwkw with just intake and exhaust mods and 14psi, a power FC or emanage ultimate tuned will get you the sort of power you're after. I've got 271rwkw with the basics plus GCG highflow, 525cc injectors, EMU and 20psi (turbo is already out of puff at this level)
  2. Erm....... no it doesn't
  3. Wanjayzee's JZX100 Chaser

    3750rpm to 4400rpm is just..... woah
  4. Please quote this with a specific harness for Toyota JZX100? (I believe it is T16) Or quote without the universal harness and I will source the harness myself....
  5. Another JZX100.....

    No updates, just obligatory skid pics
  6. Toyota Corolla 4age

    Depends what you are after mate..... definitely great cheap first cars with a bit of go.
  7. JZX100.com

    Someone has to foot the bill for a test car first?
  8. Drifter Dans 1jz Cressida - The Build Up....

    Shame about the manifold..... a mate got some work done by Leigh on his Skyline and he raves about the parts and service. Then again I guess he's local to us, easy to go back with problems and whatnot.
  9. Getting one

    My first car was an 85 Corolla, and if it was anything faster than that, I can guarantee you I'd wouldn't be alive today. You learn just as much about driving in your first 1-2 years on your Ps as you do on your Ls. Grab the shitbox, learn to drive first.
  10. Another JZX100.....

    18 x 8.5 + 37 fronts 18 x 9.5 + 38 rears The fitment jockeys will tell you to go for lower offset, I reckon you could but it depends on your suspension. These scrub on big bumps and I'd prefer to be able to push it hard on a country road without killing my guards rather than looking like a fooly sik dwifter wannabe.
  11. Another JZX100.....

    Yeah mate I used to work for ITS (also used to study Commerce), graduated and got a "real" job a few months back..... Also got Work rims and other goodies:
  12. jzx100 door handles

    +1 for CH Toyota
  13. This section seems to be pretty dead?

    Guaranteed this section will pick up now..... JZX100.com hit the bandwidth limiter last night bupbupbupbupbup
  14. RI.P Greg Host aka GHOST

    RIP Greg..... absolute champion, one of the nicest around, and I only met him twice Man I'm choked up right now
  15. Chasers, MARK 2 , CRESTA thread

    Solid rear end and smaller brakes..... and trim/options. Don't forget that if you convert you'll need to change out the fuel tank + lines too.