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  1. So, been a while since I posted here. Anyone know what's the widest wheel you can fit front and rear on an S15 with factory shocks. I'm sure there used to be a thread, but not sure where to look anymore. Looking to change away from the current rims which are 17x8 +35's all round which sit flush with guards. I'm thinking 18x 8.5 +35's will fit front with a slight poke past the guard, and was wondering if it's possible to go 18 x 9.5 on rear but not sure on offset and who would do a wheel in that offset? Cheers in advance!!!
  2. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    I think the AMG's have been given dispensation to run the flat plane crank because the engine blocks are designed around it (that's my interpretation anyway). To run a cross plane cranks requires counter weights on the crank which the block might not be clearanced to accept. To run a cross plane crank would require block modification which I'm guessing AMG would argue against on the grounds of weakening the block. They've also been allowed to run fly by wire throttles..........which funnily enough was probably their biggest issue (aside from the lack of HP) on the weekend. Like the drivers feet, the throttle sensor in the pedal box didn't like the heat. If you've seen any pictures of the AMG engine you'll note that they're only using a dual throttle body set up whereas Nissan/Ford/Holden use ITB's. Will be interesting to see if they stick with this or come out with a revision using ITB's at a later date. I think V8SC have had to be a little flexible in some of the concessions to get AMG on board. If they're too strict AMG and other potential entrants might walk away. On the flip side if they allow too much variation then I can see a parity war happening down the track which could get ugly.

    Just went past it again then. Noticed the bonnet is now flipped open. Fess up.........who's been rummaging for spares? Actually, I'm surprised the thing still has rims.

    So, who owns the burnt out 180sx (I think) on South Rd opposite St Francis Winery at Reynella? Shame. Looks like it would have been a tidy ride.
  5. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    I though that for a while, but it doesn't make sense to sandbag in a parity series. They'll apparently be dyno'ing the engines at different stages during the season to see where they're at. Once an engine is up to speed and has been signed off they can't deviate from the approved specs without seeking approval from the V8SC governing body. I think this is going to be the hard bit to police though as the Holden Motorsport and Ford engines are very similar and easy to regulate, whereas the Nissan and Merc engines could be poles apart in their design despite sharing a DOHC , 4 valve layout. I gotta say, I haven't been looking forward to Clipsal with this kind of enthusiasm for years. I can't wait to hear and see the Nissans and Mercs our on the track even if they have some catching up to do. I still lament that Nissan chose the Altima though. Why can't we get Skyline in Australia.........Why!!!!!
  6. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    I think you're onto something there. Motorsport worldwide is a lot more contrived than it used to be purely from a safety perspective. There's not many categories if any that are open slather any more. Japans Super GT and Germany's DTM are virtually the same as our V8's, and the things you can do in F1 are far more restricted than ever before, not to mention the constant messing with the rules to keep it interesting so that any advantage demonstrated by any one team will be negated or minimised at the beginning of the next season (think blown diffusers). Without these rules and regulations the cars we see on our racetracks today would be acheiving insane levels of speed that would be putting drivers and spectators at pretty substantial risk. Even the current crop of racers achieve level of speed could only be dreamed about 20 years ago with all the restrictions in place. Consider the current heavily restricted V8 Supercars are achieving faster lap speeds than the whiz bang turbo cars from the early 90's. Thanks to modern tech, development and persistence the race engineers keep eeking out that little bit of extra pace each year within tighter and tighter regs. Let's face it, if the rules were open slather we'd also need to keep building bigger/longer/wider race tracks, not just for safety, but also because the cars would be lapping too frequently (especially in Australia as most of our tracks are fairly short by international standards) and all the spectators would have RSI related neck strain injuries . To the OP. You're miss informed if you think the Nissan (and Mercedes) engines are being restricted to bring them in line with the current Holden/Ford powerplants. They have to play by exactly the same rules as everyone else. If anything they've been given some concessions to help get them up to speed that the Holden/Ford boys can't have. I'm a Nissan fan, but am also fully aware that the current Holden/Ford powerplants are some of the most highly developed in the racing world. Their ability to make power from such low revs and compression actually ranks them up there with an F1 engine for efficieny. It may surprise a few people but even the carby breathing Nascar engines actually rank almost line ball with an F1 engine for power making efficiency. A lot of people don't realise that the current Nascar engines consitently run in the 10000rpm range and were heading towards 11000rpm before some restrictions were put in place to get the speeds down and reduce development costs. This from a 5.8lts pushrod engine. Pretty amazing stuff.........and some people have the nerve to call them boat anchors. Good read here: http://www.epi-eng.com/piston_engine_technology/comparison_of_cup_to_f1.htm
  7. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    1.6lt turbo V6 from 2014 onwards. V8's still this year.
  8. "stacey" are you out there.........

    No worries mate. Thanks for letting me know. Might want to remove or place "sold" in the listing. Cheers
  9. "stacey" are you out there.........

    I'm interested in buying an item he has listed.
  10. Greetings NS.commers. Wondering if one of yaw'll can help a brother out. I'm trying to get hold of a member named "stacey" about his classified item. He hasn't been online since 1st Oct and is not responding to PM's. Does anyone know stacey and if so can you PM me his phone number. He hasn't listed the number or an email addy in the classified details so getting in contact is kinda difficult. Cheers Butters
  11. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    Interesting. Speedcafe story doesn't say where he's going. Wonder if he'll end up in the NZ Supertourers. Seems an odd move given V8 Supercars is heading into one of the most interesting seasons since the inception of the series.
  12. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    Serious. Don't forget the screaming failure of Super Tourers. I don't think Aurtralia is ready for a BTCC or WTCC equivalent at this point. I can see post V8 Supercars maybe something based on turbo 4/6's or the like or maybe an adoption of the DTM/Super GT class. This could be a way off though if V8 Supercars continues to draw decent crowds. Doesn't bother me too much either way if the cars are boosted 4/6's or roaring V8's. As long as the racing is fast and close I'm happy.
  13. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    ^This. With interest being shown by Mazda, Chrysler and Hyundai I don't think it will be long before more manufacturers join. Maybe for 2014 season after they've taken stock and assessed how well things go for Nissan and AMG. The series kind of needs it too to inject further cash and interest into it, especially with the financial health of Holden and Ford not being the greatest at the moment. Having a round in the US and further international rounds will start making more sense for other manufacturers from a marketing perspective as well.
  14. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    I don't think too many church going grandparents are into V8 supercars though Acutally, Toyota could enter the Lexus IS-F if they wanted too and it fits the bill perfectly. 5lt V8, 4 doors and RWD. It's like it was made to be a V8 Supercar.
  15. Mercedes Benz in 2013 V8 Supercars (privately)

    No love for the 300c? I kinda think they're cool for a luxo barge plus they sound tits with a decent exhaust. You're right though I think they'd have to be shortened to much to fit the V8 Supercar rules and might look a bit shite.