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  1. Racing Tyres On Stock S15 Wheels?

    not sure if trolling...
  2. What's a rwc worth these days?

    Just got a road worthy inspection done was $200 Askes when I come back (obviously I failed) hoe much would it be if I come back in 7 days He said $150 He said I needed new wiper assembly's not the blade the whole unit And lca and caster bushes I'm a mechanic too and looked underneath and they look perfect. No cracks or anything My workshop doesn't do roadys.
  3. What's a rwc worth these days?

    When you say you pay $110 and such. If i take my car to get a RWC, I get an inspection and i need a few items to be done and i have to go off and get them done is that $110 right there? And then when i come back to get the RWC rechecked and written out another $110?
  4. I imagine you wouldn't have any problens seeing as its less powerful. And its the same engine just less powerful.
  5. Forza Motorsport 4

    Hey can i get an Add to the hardtuned car club? My gamertag is: Bathsoap Going online now, cant wait for the dori's
  6. Anyone have there contact number? Or where there Melbourne based "shop" is? They sent me a s14/s15 radiator instead and the fan shroud doesnt line up at all, and its all round just a shit house fit. Also the bolt holes for the fan shround are on top instead of on the side like a s13. Just want to try and get some details and get this thing changed over
  7. Does anyone work at a Dealership?

    Just looked on the AGA website, seems to be no openings at the moment. really just want to finish this apprenticeship off, thought the grass was greener so i quit and started doing a warehouse job and the moneys good but i feel like I'm doing nothing there but smashing boxes onto a conveyer belt..
  8. S14 or 180sx

    I voted for s14 and i own a 180sx haha Such a nicer looking car
  9. Does anyone work at a Dealership?

    Im on the western suburbs. Basically taylors lakes. Will foward on my resume thanks kriss Dealership is just convenient for me. I have done my past 3 years there and it's just what im used too.
  10. GKTECH s14 exhaust on s15

    Nah I don't think there overly loud, I definitely would recommend this exhaust, a few of my mates have them and they sound good to me, not to loud but not too quiet either
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone is working at a car dealership? I'm a 3rd year apprentice looking at finishing off my apprenticeship but on seek there isn't many people looking for 3rd year apprentices or anything So I'm just wondering if anyone is working at a dealership and knows if there looking for someone just give me a PM. Thanks guys
  12. RC Drift cars

    Henri what tyres are you running on yours? Just ABS? Im runing an ezrun 9t system as well and i cant get any type of traction to get the power down
  13. Cheapo POD Filters

    Can't go wrong with a drift pod filter from autobarn. I think there cheap
  14. Cheapo POD Filters

    Can't go wrong with a drift pod filter from autobarn. I think there cheap
  15. Briaded turbo lines sale

    I have a Hypergear atr28g2 Only have an oil feed braided line from him, Just wondering if you can do the other lines (water) and for how much?