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    I'm interested in the window visors aka weather shields. Pm sent
  2. Selling S15 GT Wing + Bootlid

    Where are you located?
  3. nissmo 740cc injectors

    Don't hold your breath!!! Sent pm over week ago and hasn't even read it yet. Good luck.
  4. s15 sr20 200-250kw turbo debate

    Why is there so much spam on this forum lately????
  5. how would these sit on a s15??
  6. S15 part out

    Prices? Pics?
  7. unsure if its rocker arms or lifters

    take it back to sam (Dr Drift)
  8. S15 rear seat

    How much $$$$????

    thanks Tarek back looks pretty good as well.
  10. i'm interested in a SUPERMADE INSTANT GENTLEMAN body kit for my s15. i quite like the front bar but not sure on the rest as i have not seen any pics of the rear and side skirts. can someone help me and post some pics up. thanks
  11. how many amps on battery relocation

    hi guys the fuse is only there to protect the cable and nothing more. need to determine the correct cable size and then select the suitable fuse size. can find different types of fuses out there as mentioned earlier, such as slow blow, quuick blow etc. but not required as the cable and fuse selection will be more than enough if selected correctly. the question you should be asking is what size cable has everyone been using to relocate battery?
  12. want to lower my s15

    thanks guys for all your advice. it's pretty obvious that the majority of you feel that i should just hold off and just wait and purchase coilovers. for starters i won't be looking at doing any track work at all. It's my daily driver, which i want to sit that little lower for both slightly better handling and for looks. so i'll be just getting springs done and maybe in a few years look at coilovers if i feel there is a need to. who knows i might be more than happy with just springs. cheers
  13. s15 weather strips

    They seem to work well when washing the windscreen with the wipers and windows open. don't get that water running down my door skins. lol Fk thats annoying!! or when there is watter on the roof, and it just comes out of nowhere as a thick stream of water and spils in all over your leg! don't you hate that