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  1. Item: JUN sr20 camshafts with springs and titanium retainers Description: JUN sr20 camshafts with springs and titanium retainers 264/264 11.5mm lift Price: $1000 Location: Bendigo, Vic Willing to post?: Free express post Contact: Matt 040three735seven92 Brand new never used. Planned on running them on my sr20 redtop, now going rb25 swap. 0
  2. S13 redtop Size of engine : 2.0 Modifications : 740 nismos, greddy cooler, china stainless manifold, nistune, deatchworks 300 fuel pump, 3" exhaust, greddy oled profec Turbo : china 2871 ($269 off ebay new) Tuned by chequered tuning Full boost @ 3900 17psi 219rwkw @ 17psi Cams : no
  3. Work VS-KF 18 x 11. -35 offset

    Sold bruzzies
  4. Work VS-KF 18 x 11. -35 offset

    Offset -31 sorry
  5. Work VS-KF 18 x 11. -35 offset

    Other pic
  6. Work VS-KF 18 x 11. -35 offset

    1050$ bump
  7. Work VS-KF 18 x 11. -35 offset

    Item: 2 x 18" vs kf wheels 114.3 5 stud Description: I have for sale these rims they are in great condition with LOTS of dish.
  8. on top of my work van, ended up with ladder runs imprinted into my back
  9. things that annoy you

    ive still got the transfer papers... ha. Problem is getting the last $250... he has the car and i was ment to send them when last payment was made. He is a scumbag, lying piece of trash.
  10. things that annoy you

    One thing that piss's me off. A moderator buying your 180sx off you, and not paying the last $250... try finding someone to help, not going to happen if they are a mod hey...
  11. Picked up an engine from SRNRG (very nice job) and there was a mint red s15 with new black rims and rubber getting some new cams put in. All i have to say is that shit is what im talking about, respect brother, tupac style.
  12. Symptoms of blown turbo?

    Update. No dice! Checked manifold for cracks checked all cooler piping etc seems all good. No vac line brakes etc. Any other ideas? Im from Bendigo and if it was as easy as taking it to a shop that knew what they were doing id just do that... But they will do more harm then good here!