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  1. Same thing happened to mine. I think the leak was coming from the gutter drain in the center pillar, and the water get pass the window seal My fix was to take the window seal out and fill it up with Mastic, then put it back in. Have a look under you carpet to behide the front seat, there could be a small pool of water there.
  2. Dwayne's S14 - 278,000km Street/Sprint Zenki

    Good to see an update mate, was worried you had given up on the car.
  3. What ecu do you have..

    Haltech PS1000. Just looking for a good tuner, before i install
  4. Track upgrades for S15

    I just installed a Speco/Derale power steering cooler because mine was boiling and the stock cooling loop got in the way of the intake pipe. Cost about $60
  5. WRX Club Sprint Day - Haunted Hills (Bryant Park)

    /\/\/\ Wasnt it last month?

    Such a good night! Should have them more often.
  7. Are helmets available at winton... NO, there were guys asking around last time i was there. http://www.amxoutlets.com/ i got mine from here for like $60

    Sounds good pm please
  9. "What have you done to your car lately" thread

    Got around to installing the Blitz FMIC and block off the BOV
  10. "What have you done to your car lately" thread

    Installed some alloy subframe locking bushes in the s14. And brought a set of te37
  11. s14 s1

    I dont get it, Pic?
  12. New drifting vid

    that 33 ute was tuff.
  13. I Gagged...

    Why? Drug money put to good use there. Rem me of the clip of a yellow supra and the bum bag lol
  14. Nice job, there is a lot of good ideas goin around in ways of modifying the stock airbox.
  15. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Sorry to hear, its a nice ride man gotta love the series 1. Goodluck with the rest of the build