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  1. 370z Its here

    The 370z wheelbase is indeed 10mm shorter than the 350z
  2. 370z Its here

    Really? I spotted at least 1 per week. Anyway check out zclub.com.au, there are actually quite a few in Melbourne. Here is example of one of the Z cruise in Melbourne recently.

    Check out zclub.com.au for Z cruise in each states.
  4. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    this fella is a tool. +1
  5. Brake Pads?

    I have a pair of used DBA 4000 slotted rotors, Ferrodo and Endless pads for sale, follow the link under my signature for details.
  6. buying s15

    Look for a clean stock car with full service history, don't worry about high mileage, you better of with a a high mileage but well looked after with full service records then one with low mileage but been through tough time... I sold my 160,000Kms 8 years old S15 Specr GT 4 months ago, the car was serviced every 5000kms since new, still original clutch and zero oil consumption.

    You can pickup one with low 60k drive away.
  8. 370z Its here

    Here is a white one for sale in Melbourne, full Amuse Vestito body kit, Amuse Titanium exhaust, Tein Coilover, Rays VRG2 wheels...
  9. 2008 370z?

    Here we go again, bagging car model within the same car company, Nissan make great affordable sports cars and I would hope we all share the love and admiration of Nissan sports cars of all model and era. I have had a S14 and S15 in the past 14 years, I had a Nispro custom 3" front pipe, Fujitsubo Power Getter CBE and boost resticter removed, Whiteline adjustable swaybars, DBA 4000 slotted rotors & Ferodo DS2500 pad etc.... The boost gauge showed just over 1 bar at full throttle, and my stock 370z(not for long) would leave my lightly modified S15 for dead on a straight line and around the bends. I know the stock 370z may not be as quick as a highly modified 200sx, but it insn't all about straight line performance in my book. The stock 370z is such a well package car from the factory, it has adequate power, excellent handling, powerfull brakes and surprisingly compliant ride, and I still love the S14 and S15 for their good attributes... Check out the zclub forum, there are many modified 370z in Australia, and one with twin turbo in Melbourne which is being reviewed and will be published in the next month or two by one of the highly regard motoring magazine in Australia.
  10. S15 exhaust

    You will be surprised how much power gain from mid to high RPM by simply adding a quality 3" CBE exhaust, you will also notice more power gain from a 3" front pipe.
  11. Buddyclub Spec 4 Exhaust

    I have a Fujitsub Power Getter for sale, see below link for details. http://www.nissansilvia.com/classifieds/viewlisting.php?view=4818
  12. S15 A - PILLER

    Hi, I have one for sale, see link below for details. http://www.nissansilvia.com/classifieds/viewlisting.php?view=4818