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  1. Price : $300 Condition : Used S13 Half Cage, Unsure on brand, Good Condition, Comes with all bolts - $600 S13 Digital Cluster, Excellent condition. Came uninstalled with my car previous owner assured me it worked - $250 S13 Full Uras Kit, Front bar, skirts, rear bar, Painted black, Good Condition no major cracks, only from cable ties ripping out - SOLD S13 Stock Tail lights, no cracks, no globes - $30 S13 Radiator support/nose cut, no bonnet latch, bought to replace mine but never got around to it - $150 2x 16x8 +38 SSR RS8 "watanabe style" wheels, Black with polished lip, a bit of rash - $200 2x 16x8 +? "Watanabe Style" wheels similiar to SSR, Black with polished lip, a bit of rash - $150 Rb20det Coilpacks with brackets, tested and working - $80 S13 Round Headlights, a bit of the bracket has broken off one - $160 for the pair s13 Drivers seat + Pasenger seat and rear seats. Not sure what they came out of they have a slight tiger pattern to them, Good condition $180 for the lot I can post smaller items, prefer pick up for the larger stuff, Sutherland Area.

    Do guitar hero drums count? Nah im looking at buying an electronic kit because i live in a unit....any ideas for a beginer? Do cheaper kits sound shit?
  3. selling my car so i may have to come watch
  4. Whats this song

    tried it on shazam....nothing
  5. NSW Spotted Thread

    seen a pretty sexy 180 in five dock on saturday, pretty sure it was a cherry red colour with the usual black bonnet etc, had p plates too im pretty sure
  6. Local Companys

    what about kits? i want something im not going to have to chop up and fibreglass to fit
  7. Yeh we had a tafe plumbing "excursion" to check out the running of the plant room and we had to go down past the bridge chuck a right and park atleats 30m up that street and walk all the way back. Bit of a joke the parking there
  8. anyone have some photos of some nice burgandy/maroon colour 180's i'm tossing up between loving the colour and hating the colour
  9. yeh it is turbo i just have a panic attack everytime i see the blue checkers. my fault i guess maybe because they were scared you would hunt them down? haha.....weapons? end of the shift probably? just got lucky haha my mate went to court for taking the corona for a slide on the soccer field and came out with heavy fines
  10. hahahahaa love the fake turbo funniest thing ive ever heard
  11. rims sprayed?

    bob did a good job on my old silvia wheels but i wouldnt have a clue if he's still in business haha try andy at kirrawee?
  12. I was heading down the kingsway last night and just on the hill was the usual rbt... Driving a 180 on my p plates plus i only had one p plate on the front. They did the usual breath test then he goes you realise you only have one p plate and i said yeh i know someone has ripped it off and the cable tie was still there to prove it. He made me pull over then he walked away and came back and said you realise this car is prohibited on your p2's? I made a point that i could have got my full licence back in april but i just hadnt got around to it, and to my suprise he goes fair enough off you go. not even a fine for no p plate? anyone else had any luck with the police?
  13. **Spotted Thread**

    haha bam was it puta? i followed one yesterday arvo
  14. i need a ca18det

    Im was planning on going SR so i can get a bit more power out of my 180 if i could easily get rid of the CA.... I live a few doors up aswell, if your still living in the same place as drew? let me know if yours till keen and ill come past one day and say hi