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  1. Valve Float

    Changed from Tomei to Supertech. Issue is gone. Will update more details soon. Tomei = rubbish
  2. Valve Float

    Mine just went in to get Tomei Springs removed and Supertech Springs in. Deff not a rocker arm because issue would be on any boost / driving. Mike only has a flat spot over 17psi. Under that she pulls hard and smooth to redline. I hope it's Springs because other then that we have gone over everything else.
  3. Valve Float

    Fix the float issue killa?
  4. Valve Float

    So they must have had issues and went down to a lower seat pressure. So deff order from the Australian supertech website. Springs are $15ea. No need to buy titanium retainers oem are fine
  5. Valve Float

    Got this email today "SPR-H1020S/SR20 was superseded to SPR-H1021S/SR20 in 2010 Thank you, Supertech Performance "
  6. Valve Float

    There seems to be 2 single versions. Only one listed on official site as you see part numbers are different. SPRK-H1021S/SR20 http://supertechperformance.com.au/s26918-nissan-valve-spring-kits?m=5331&ec=334&em=5332 SPRK-H1020S/SR20 http://www.frsport.com/Supertech-SPRK-H1020S-SR20-Single-Valve-Springs-Kit-SR20DET-168-lbs_p_15734.html
  7. Valve Float

    I've had the rev drop issue for around 4 months now and I've been replacing everything I personally thought it was. *Dw300, coil pack harness, Z32 air flow meter, coil packs, spark plugs (6 and 7 heat range and all gaps tested, earth kit, fuel pump rewire, upgraded turbosmart iwg, porting to waste gate hole on turbo with xr6 flap. Problem still was there. Tuner mentioned valve float and I didn't think it could be possible being new Tomei Springs and 256 cams. After diagnosing and testing more things it's the only thing left we have to try. Been searching the net for springs and speaking to my new tuner and I've come down to picking the Supertech Specs: Seat: 75 @ 40.5 (lbs@mm) Open (lift): 168 @ 12.0 (lbs@mm) Max net lift: 15.00mm Coil bind: 25.50mm Rate: 7.90 lbs/mm Tomei type A specs are : Seat: 56.43lb @ 7% Open (lift) : 177.7lb @ 7% Max lift : 12.5mm Not much specs on Tomei. I think there must have been a bad batch of springs. Or it might be some other issue. Any one that has any ideas feel free to help
  8. Valve Float

    I am running an internal gate so harder to control how boost comes on
  9. Valve Float

    I'm running 98. On 20 psi I'm seeing 225rwkw up to 6000 then it drops dramatically.. On 15 psi around 190rwkw perfect all way to 7000. The more boost added the worse and more dramatic the drop. Dyno sheet coming
  10. Valve Float

    Mods I have Tomei type a Springs Tomei pon cams Arp head studs Crg manifold Gtx2867. 64 Nistune 740cc Nismo Dw300 Brand new VCT gear and solenoid. Going to have to find a Spring that suited to retaining VCT. Anyone know specs on Performance Valve springs from qld?
  11. Valve Float

    Interesting post, Firstly I have had an issue ever since I had Tomei Type A Springs and 256 Poncams installed and tuned.. Around 5900-6000 power dramatically drops and will not regain itself until 7000.Been back to workshop thinking tune related and not resolved. Spent around 4 months replacing and fixing everything I thought it was. Went to another workshop and tried update ecu, retune and even went with another ecu to try and same issue. Tuner first mentioned valve float and ultimately that was the outcome of the day after 5 hours working on it.
  12. WTB S15 AERO rear pods

    I'm after s15 rear pods. Either aero or nismo preferably in pewter silver Pick up from anywhere Western Sydney
  13. WTB S15 Fog lights

    Hey all I'm after S15 fog lights and mounting in good condition. Also will it fit with otomoto fmic kit Penrith nsw
  14. N.A.T.S won't start!

    It's a Jdm ecu I pulled it out of one , and it's all good got auto electrician to remove the immobilizer that was patched onto factory Nissan remote