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  1. Movie intro

    G'day all, I'm looking for someone who's decent at designing movie intros. Basically i have a bunch of youtube clips that i would like to put a basic intro onto the start of them. Something like "Summoz Productions"... But fancy. Good example would be this movie intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPNj_SeLh1k If anyone could make one up so i can attach it to the beginning of each movie i make (i use windows movie maker cos im noob), that would be awesome. If it's really decent, small funding can be put your way. Thanks.
  2. lifting vs social life

    As much as i fully respect the seriousness you've taken towards your body building, i think that going out once or twice a week with loved ones should still have a priority. I take my training and diet very seriously, to a dime but once a week, on a friday or saturday night, i would take the gf out forr a nice dinner or what not
  3. Post your height & weight

    187cm @ 87.5kg as of yesterday
  4. Soundproofing?

    Should probably post in the Drummers thread but lessons went well. Gotta get me a practice pad and work on my grip haha
  5. Soundproofing?

    haha it's not much but yesterday i lined my entire room with mattresses, egg shell foam underlay and thick blankets, including the roof. I'm going to the shop today and buying about 20 metres of black blockout curtain & rod and line the walls (covering the mattresses etc). Below is a photo of the start. Had a mate over last night and we had a decent jam session. Nieghbours swore black n blue that they couldn't hear much, and his electric with amp is bloody loud! Also on that note, went to the Drum shop on saturday morning and bought all new skins. Emperor tops & Ambassador bottoms, all in clear. Tuned them up and they sound absolutely amazing.. im so stoked. Thinking about buying a rack but really not sure what direction to head. I also start my lessons today which run once a week, for 6 weeks.
  6. Boys and their Hair

    It's not me (obviously) and i don't have a camera at the ready but this is how i do my hair day in, day out. http://spectacle.provocateuse.com/images/spectacles/jensen_ackles_04.jpg
  7. Soundproofing?

    I'm so inspired right now lol
  8. Paranormal Activity

    I know there's already a Paranormal Activity "2" thread but i thought i'd let you all know what i thought about the 2nd one. Scared the shit outta me. I couldn't give 2 flicks what you guys thought and how hilarious you thought it was, all i know is that i didn't sleep that night lol.
  9. Meal Frequency

    Yeh yeh i understand what you guys are saying, it was just a bit of fun as he is very ignorant and big headed when it comes to training.
  10. Meal Frequency

    Probably a useless piece of info, take it as you will but my best mate and i did a little experiment recently. He works as a mechanic, only gets 1 break during the day to eat lunch. I work in an office, with a microwave and cuttlery at the ready whenever i need it. I consume 2800 calories divided into 6 meals, every 2 hours i was eating with a 3-4 hour break for training (protein shake in between that period). He consumed the same amount of calories, but 3 times, breakky, lunch and dinner, then starved until the next morning. We trained the same, 4 times a week. Coinsidently we both weighed in at 76k for week 1. At week 6, i was 81kg, he was 77kg. I also became a f**k load stronger than him (already was due to previous lifting, but really kicked him out of the ball park). Just want to add that sometimes, he would even skip lunch or substitute the correct calories for a "carrot" or a "sandwich".
  11. Motivation

    No motivation here, just like doing it i suppose. Then again, it's painful coming home from a tiring day at work, then having to bust your ass for the next 1 1/2 - 2 hours, if anything, thinking about it at work de-motivates me lol.
  12. The first 5 years

    What if you started your training with no visible abdominals? As you eat/grow i'd imagine the fat you started with would only grow further? Just frustrating how alot of people are lucky by starting there training at 7-8% bodyfat. Fair enough i want to get stronger but my ideal goal is to be big, but be nice and lean with visible adbs. Currently 83kg. I'd imagine at 80kg i'd be lean but that's just a guess.
  13. puttin on mass

    probably the first person ive ever known to want to get fat, besides those people breaking guiness records. sick man
  14. Summo's Training Journal

  15. Summo's Training Journal

    102.5kg Bench 180kg deadlift (can't go any further until i buy more weight) 72.5kg MP gaining strength in my knees with light squats @ 60kg for 10-12 reps. Just concentrating on form for the time being. ill chuck up a vid of the dead and bench soon