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  1. Nissan gearboxes: Patrol/Navara/GTR

    I've been searching quite a bit. Both the rb30 and rd28 patrol boxes run a gearbox that is the same as a 300zx one. I'll see if I can chase someone up that has one, or see if one comes into work
  2. Nissan gearboxes: Patrol/Navara/GTR

    the navara one's are quite similar though aren't they? Any idea on the old patrol rb30 ones?
  3. Hi everyone.. Recently I converted an r32 GTR gearbox to 2wd., but am considering using it in a 4wd project. I was wondering if anyone is aware of any patrol or navara transfer boxes that may bolt onto one, or have something that I can measure up and compare. Failing that, Do any of the patrol or navara gearboxes share the same sandwhich plate setup, that will allow me to swap my bellhousing onto? I can't just use an rb30 box either., my bellhousing has been modified to suit a 1jz!
  4. pintara diff needs lsd

    Try chasing an r32 sillhouette diff. they are lsd. they weren't very good though. Then you can swap pintara diff gears into it to make it a 4.11 ratio. The skyline diffs are also 28 spline, so your axles are beefier too.
  5. Custom Tailshafts in SA

    Looks like i'll give them a call. Thanks mate
  6. Custom Tailshafts in SA

    What tailshaft did they make for you? Did you supply the yokes for it?
  7. Custom Tailshafts in SA

    Hi everyone. I need to have a one piece tailshaft made for an s13, and was wondering who in SA is reputable with the job. I've heard of the odd few breaking, and would much rather something be done right the first time. Does anybody have any suggestions??? Thanks, Scott
  8. Custom bellhousings in SA

    well. its actually a gtr box I have., I already have a clutch to suit, so all I need is the bellhousing. If i sell the box, its probably only gonna get me about 800., whereas an r154 is still going to be closer to 1500. Then at least if I have any gearbox problems, I can always replace a nissan box or repair it far cheaper. Ultimately, i wanted everything to be as strong as possible, while minimising costs to repair if things where to go wrong.
  9. Custom bellhousings in SA

    thanks guys... much appreciated
  10. Custom bellhousings in SA

    In the next few weeks, I will need to get a bellhousing made up., involving a 1jz bellhousing being welded to an rb25 box. Does anyone know of anyone in Adelaide that can cut and weld it., and align it properly so that it will last. I already have all the parts I need, though my spigot bush is too long, so it may need a trim. Any suggestions? Thanks, Scott
  11. Dumb Question...Return Spring

    are you talking about the wave washer? i don't recall ever seeing a spring in the shifter of any nissan boxes.
  12. JZX100 Loom question

    Hi everyone. Baically, i'm doing a conversion with a 1jz vvti motor into a silvia, but I have a slight dillema with my engine loom. I only have 2 out of 4 of the ecu connectors. The 2 connectors i have, cover all of the engine sensors, but the 2 missing connectors have the power feeds, and all the signals that need to be relayed back to the dash and interior. What i'm suspecting, is that there is another section of loom, that belongs inside the car, to connect the dash, the missing 2 ecu plugs, and also the fusebox. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Scott
  13. ECU to run VVTI 1jz

    Power FC it is. It'll do me just fine. Don't suppose any of you guys have a factory engine loom schematic? I'm having trtouble chasing one. Thanks for your help
  14. ECU to run VVTI 1jz

    thanks dude. Any idea how well the stock airflow meter flows? Have i got any options to upgrade it?
  15. ECU to run VVTI 1jz

    Hey all, doing an engine conversion with my 1jz., any idea on what ecu's can run the variable cam timing? Seeing as its constantly varied its not so common in aftermarket ecu's to operate it. thanks., scott