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  1. G1 results?

    Please tell me you didn't just go there... I told him you wanted to keep your heroine addiction secret, but he just couldn't help yourself. I guess it's just part of being a superstar judge of the famous Kristian judges should be tested 2.. y not? drift is a clean sport.. all participants are straight as a..
  2. G1 results?

    AAAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... mallala is shit too many dipshits with too many ideas.. mallala is no longer a fun thing.. we spend heaps of cash to go to this dump which hasnt changed eva.. where does all the money go from entries? clems fat pocket... f**k MALLALA... TAKE IT BACK TO THE STREETS WHERE IT BELONGS.....
  3. Dilemma!

    interested in swaps? half empty can of tyre guff and cash my way?
  4. Thieves lead police on spree

    thats heell funny loz.. ur a faggot!!
  5. DR Stunts at Supercup

    drift belongs on the street!! all part of the rush! haha
  6. Robbie Bolger you have some explaining to do!

    bahaha after this thread going up my colligue gets a call at work from a certin person of irish decent asking for the Chefs phone number.. classic...
  7. Seen a burnt R33 the other day

    That 350z was conrads, twin turbo setup etc. serious? what happened? didn't pull an insurance dodgy did he lol hahahahahaha.... no.. not at all.
  8. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa booooooooooooooooooooiiiiiii ... love avril..xxx
  9. no shit.. we need more of this awesome action... haha.. dnt forget the old days ripping mega skids past hq from nth terrace onto west terrace yeaaa boi!
  10. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    where is this hot spot?
  11. G1 round 3

    Not sure why it is listed as 20-0, that would be the re run score. It was 10-10, then 20-0 re run because of the accident, then AJ failing to do the second run. I can understand where you were coming from, Nicko, but I heard tyre lock-up, and then the clerk of course told us he came in telling everyone to get f**ked etc(only what we were told on this bit). So, differing opinions, and a whole lot of unnecessary behaviour on all sides caused all this shot storm. Top bloke, the scores were even because that is how we deemed it. Our decision was final. AJ is still yet to contact any of us regarding this. I'm not going into any more detail. Move along all, move along... firstly how were the scores even after cts completely off the track in the tyres and not drifting?? secondly i asked the officials in the tower calmly first to explain why the rerun but no one wanted to answer that.(officials on the start line were also puzzled as to why there was a rerun) a woman in the tower started to listen but was then shut down by that little fat *milkshake* and kirpatric or whatever his name is walked away into the other corner and wouldnt talk to me.. no one wanted to explain..then i may have called them dikheads or wateva. i called out to you while u were standing on the back step of the tower and im sure u heard me but u went back inside too... but who cares now its done with.. go cts.
  12. G1 round 3

    Maybe not to the public but if it's requested by the team/drivers formally, I think that would be good. Why the hell should the public not know? We are the ones that paid to come see it ffs. Its a judged sport, with set rules. I remember last year that 1 tyre in the dirt was loss of points, and 2 tyres was instant lose. Why cant the rules and RESULTS be posted publicly? some explanation would be fantastic..
  13. G1 round 3

    it is a bit of a whinge,yes..it was bullshit. everyone knew it. f**k cts..