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  1. SAT NIGHT Drift Practice - REVIEW

    couldnt get that car done will be missing out on this one
  2. yer hit us up with a pm have enjoyed the last couple
  3. What drifters do for a CRUST?

    apprentice fitter and turner get paid not much but i get by
  4. Which Engine Oil Do You Put In UR car?

    i use motul turbolight good shit
  5. Spark Plugs

    had copper ones had heaps off trouble so i went to platinums havent had a problem since
  6. GReddy PRofec B-Spec II - Settings

    i have a greddy in my 32 i had the same problem when i first put it in if you go get it tuned they set it perfect and you dont have to touch it

    woint be out gotta work that weekend hopefully make the last one
  8. My S15 Build - Vertex Ridge

    this car is pure porn money well spent i say nice car
  9. September 5TH Drifty prac

    had a good night out on the track to bad about jacks car
  10. September 5TH Drifty prac

    i will be out been a few months now
  11. Hills Cruise II

    chuck us a pm keen for a cruise
  12. HILLS CRUISE - Awesome turnout

    pm me pretty keen on a cruise cheers
  13. my R32 build up - 210rw kw w/ 370nm torque

    car starting to look mad cant wait to see it when its finished
  14. Clean and simple R32

    hey man how did you do the tinted front head lights looks sick
  15. those guards are looking good the tyres have a sick offset on them good luck with the build